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Originally Posted by katspixiedust
hair = dark brown, eyes = blue

The person below me enjoys hardcore gangster rap???
Not in a million lifetimes! Not even if it was the only radio station that could come in clearly on a deserted island.

Does the person below me like fresh artichokes? (umm, yummy!)
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Oh yes!!! I taste it in a Pizza!!!

The person below me enjoys Méxican Food???
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Yes, but not as much as my husband!

The person below me enjoys reading novels?
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Yep....ready to get back to mine now!

V like baking?
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Yes. Very much so!

Has five cats?
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Nope! Just me and my Waffle!

Likes super spicy food??
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I cant stand super spicy food!!!

The person below me was born in a different state than the one they are living in now?
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Nope, born and bred Floridian!

The person below me liked to run through sprinklers as a kid.
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Would have if we had sprinklers....

V likes to stay up late and sleep late.
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nope, I like to stay up late but get up early.

Does the person below me like cheesecake??
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Does the person below me have a hobby?
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Is eating a snack right now?
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Nope, just ate lunch! (I always seem to get foody ones from you, Susan! )

Has long legs?
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No i'm only 5'1" Don't forget that 1")

Has ironing to do?
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Yup, how did you know?

Is going on holiday this year?
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Is still in their jammies?(Don't say thats you as well Sarah! )
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Nope, you caught me on a day where i've had to get dressed! Physio later!

Is counting the hours 'til home time?
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Hmmm not quite?!

Is wondering what to have to eat this evening?
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Ack! You've just reminded me, I have to get some meat from the freezer! I'm thinking about it now!

Is wondering what to wear on Friday night out!
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Nope, because Saturday's are a work day for me so I have to be up at 7:15!

Has had some hot tea with breakfast this morning?
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No i was going to , i decided to have coffee took a sip and then threw it out.

Do you like Carrot with orange and lemon juice?
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hmmm...never tried it. sounds good.

Loves thunderstorms?
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Yup, except when my kits get scared!

Likes to visit gardens?
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Absolutely I do!!!!

Likes to go tanning (the real kind, not fake n bake lol)?
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Likes to play games at the beach?
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I like to play catch on the beach, but I can't go too often - I'm so fair skinned that I burn in a second!

Do you believe that when/if you talk to your cats, they understand you and answer?
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It depends on the question...if it's "Are you hungry?" I KNOW they understand and answer!

Does the person below me love chocolate?
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Heck ya! Can't resist chocolate!!

hates washing dishes!?
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dishes arents so bad, it is big pots and pans and bakeware that i Hate!

can the person below me square dance?
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I can do the bus stop!
Does the person below me like to eat cooked carrots?
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