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Yes because I live in front to the Florida Penninsula......( i mean Yucatan Penninsula! ....)

PBM like the music of Village People??????
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yes. YMCA- I still have a record and jacket cover of the village people. but I have no record player.

PMB ever heard of 8-track tapes?
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sure!!!!! My brothers used to have them! I have a lot of albums myself.

Do you own a lot of cd's?
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yes but there all country music.

PBM have any pet peeves?
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so sorry.........what does mean "Peeves"......
I think I´m a bit rust.......

PBM like the 80´s Music?
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love it

PMB like hotdogs?
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the person below me has seen the longest yard
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...around 25 mts (square) does count for your question Sam?...

PBM like the music of Barry White?
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it's ok

(it's a movie btw Rigel)

the person below me has a friend called Bob
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No, but I have a friend named Bobbi!

Does the person below me live near an ocean?
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sure do!!! It's only a short drive!

PBM live near any lakes?
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Yup, in NZ the furthest you can be from the ocean is fourty minutes.

The person below me dislikes visiting the cinema?
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I don't dislike it, but I woudl rather rent a movie

PBM has an air conditioner in their bedroom?
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THANKS to GOD , yes! ...

PBM like the movies of Aliens?.......( I mean where appear Sigourney Weaver )
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I saw the first one and liked it. Never saw the second one!

PBM like pancakes for breakfast?
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YUp! with coffe is delicious!

(In fact today Exist 4 parts of that movie! ....)

PBM knows wich works ( name at least 2 movies) have made it Ridley Scott? ( is a director of movies like Steven Spielberg)
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Just looked him up...the only one I've ever seen is Thelma and Louise

PBM likes pizza?
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yes! ones of my favourites dishes!

DONT tell me that you didn´t see it Gladiator with Rusell Crow??????????????....is a great movie and is from R Scott!!

PBM... do you have a CD of Heavy metal of the 80´s, (I mean Judas Priest, Dio, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Kiss, Doken or else....))))))???????
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Sorry, never saw Gladiator...should I rent it sometime?

Aaron has a few of those CD's , I don't....

PBM like chili?
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Believe or not, I don´t like to eat Chili.......just a few and in some dishes...

Yes I recomend so strongly that you rent that movie, is great, R Crow role play and joaquin Phoenix too!

PBM see the movie Signals with M Gibson??????
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nope, sorry!

PBM likes to watch movies?
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A lot not really but I enjoy some and like sometimes watch again because are greats!

PBM like to Music of Queen?????
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Sure do!

PBM likes to read?
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I´m not fan of lecture but I´m convice that I have to make a propous to convert me a great reader! Yes sometimes I read... and what read classicals and some of the movies....

PBM like to eat grapes??????
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yep! I like grapes!

PBM like lemonade?
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with soda Of course!

PBM like to put at the popcorns ketchup?????????????
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No!!! You have to have butter on popcorn! Parmesan cheese is yummy too!

PBM eat ketchup on their eggs?
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No but I have to watch my husband do that!

PMB put grape jelly in the meatball sauce? yuk
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NO! I hope no one else does that

PBM Have you ever had baked beans and macaroni and cheese mixed?
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Do you like to watch South Park?
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