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No. I have two adorable Kittens.

Does the person below me blast the music in their car and sings along?
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I dont BLAST it, but I do sing along.

PBM have woofer's in their car?
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yes i have speakers in my car

PBM been watching the Shuttle?
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the person below me plucks their own eyebrows
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Person below me loves to dance
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person below me has big theighs
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They're getting smaller!!

Person below has read Lord of the Rings
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Yes, but not recently!

The person below me has read books by Tom Holt?
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No, but I've heard of him.

Person below me prefers strawberry ice cream to chocolate
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Nope, I wouldn't give up chocolate for any other flavor

PMB likes to walk than jog?
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Has the PMB ever tried your cats cat food?
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Yes a long time ago, I tried one pebble of Meow Mix

Does the person below me eat sea food?
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has the PBM ever been skinny dipping?
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Yes, but in fairness I was very drunk and it was in Spain!

Person below me ever been under a waterfall?
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Yes Niagra Falls

How many cars does the person below me own?
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Just the one.

How many cars has the person below me ever owned?
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Does the PBM have a pet iguana?
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How many pictures of cats do you have on your walls?
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None, but I have a fair few in frames standing up.

PBM ever been to Russia?
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have you?
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what about you?
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I said No earlier

Have you been to Alaska?
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not me

person below me do you have a sore throat?
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yes...... are you the one I caught this cold from?

The person below me is married?
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[probably actually, sorry bout that ]

the person below me likes the smell of fresh cooked muffins
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love it, Like to eat them even better

PBM have a car,van,truck,scooter?
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Car. Buick

Were did the person below me spent his/her last vacation?
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Disney World in June

PBM where would you like to spend a vacation?
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Australia!! I've always wanted to go there. It seems like such a beautiful country and all the Aussies I've met are great people.

Who would the person below me most like to go on vacation with?
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It would have to be my boys. We have an awsome time together.

Have you been to Washington D.C.?
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