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They're pretty long, I think!

The person below me has a long neck?
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Not too long, lol.

The person below me loves music just as much as your cat or cats?
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hehe yes, definitely. I owned the world's only headbanging moggy a while ago. Sprocket loved Guns n' Roses "Sweet Child o Mine" just as much as I did!!

The person below me is on a diet too and if so, do you cheat?
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Yes and no, I usually cheat for a whole day, and then am really good for a couple of weeks.

PBM..... likes to watch cartoons? (I can't stand them....onlyone I watch is the Simpsons)
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Yup!!! all kind of cartoons I special from "Boomerang"... my favourite is Top Cat but one´s of my favourite too are the Simpsons too!

PBM wear sunglasses? how many pair do you have?
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Yes I do wear sun glasses, I have loads of pairs but only wear my aviators!

Does the person below me like cooking?
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I love cooking but don't always have time.

PBM...like roller coasters?
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Yes!!! but not always I have the opportunity to go to one!

PBM like the apple pie!
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Very much with ice cream

does the person after me likes to go camping??
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Yes i do

PBM like to watch COPS? (TV show)
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
the person below has a crush on a kitty here at TCS !
Have to say that this was a great question SAM!!! I have a crush on atleast 4 cats on TCS. Lucy - owned by goosehazel, Petals - owned by Big-Cat-Fan, Sashka - owned by KitEKats4Eva, and always been very fond of Cosmo - owned by Amy-DHH. There are many more but these are just a few.

Seriously Sam!!! Good One!
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No, I don't really like Cops

PBM pay their bills on time?
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PBM watch old black and white movies?
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Does the person below me cry at sad movies?
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to be honest with you...I´m not...

PBM like to eat Chocolate Cake!
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Oh YES I do!!

Does the person below me like the Rippingtons?
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Absolutely! Last Week I bougth the last one is called "Wild Card"...

PBM like the music of INXS?
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For sure!, I've been watching that show they have on where they are looking for a new lead singer!

Does the PBM like to camp??
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I do not often but I like it!

PBM like to wear sunglasses?
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Yep...I've always got mine on.

What TCS member does the person below me most admire?
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I can´t answer this, for me shouldn´t fair! I love all members because everyone has a special gift and everyone are really really friendlys!!

PBM like to wear Skirts?
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PBM post pic in Fur Pictures Only?
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yes i post pic

the person below me loves peanut butter on toast
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yummy... yes I do!

Would the person below me ever try a peanut butter, lettuce, pickle sandwich?
(my favorite sandwich )
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sure I would

the person below me dislikes marmalade
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I´m not super fan but I like it!

PBM like to cut the Grass of your backyard?..
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No! I let Aaron do it!

PBM likes to drive a car?
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absolultely is a great pleasure in the life for me!

PBM has near to home an Airport?
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I live about 20 minutes for an airport.

What is your favorite alcoholic drink?
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oohh so many- tequila sunrise

PMB like wine with their dinner?
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