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Yes, it belongs to hubby.

The person below me watches tv while surfing/posting on TCS?
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hope can I could do it! I don´t have intenet at home..........( but some day of these....

PBM like to listen the Reggae music? ..
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does the person below me like going to the movies?
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The person below me is a real child at heart?
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Hummmmmm you must to tell me..................

PBM like the Jazz Music? and wich one groups like?
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Sorry I only like Tim McGraw

Does the person below me carry pictures of family members in your wallet?
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Just only Wife pics and one Wisker of Milky too! ... (Believe me! ..)

PBM know about the Rippingtons???? ( jazz music) check it out! http://www.rippingtons.com/index2.shtml
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I do now since my spotlight!
Thanks Rigel

PMB have an annoying habit? (AND TELL US!!!!)
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Yes, I fidget a lot and drum my fingers.

PBM is superstious?
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the person below me has been on this thread more then five times
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nope sorry sam its only my second time

the person below has bigger feet then i do and thats a size 8
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PBM wear glasses? ..............
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yes i do wear glasses but i never wear them i guess thats why my eyes hurt so much

the person below eats pig feet
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PBM Likes Gershwin?
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Rapsody in Blue! I love it!

PBM like to eat Ear of Pig??????.........( here in mexico is very commun... But not for me!.......)
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OMG no way

Does the person below me like to work on Latch Hook designs?
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nope i would probley stick my finger

the person below me has never crashed there computer
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Uh... not on purpose!!!

PBM like cheese and crackers!!! Oh yummy yummy!!
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Cheese but not crackers.

PBM ever stayed up just to see a sunrise?
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Yeah, though normally it's on accident!!!

PBM addicted to talking to their kittys!?
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Yes.... I talk to them all the time.

PBM Like to cook Italian food? (Pot of sauce on here right now...YUM!)
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I like to eat it more than cook it

PBM buying stuff for kids (or nieces and nephews) to go back to school?
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Nope, those days are long gone!

When was the last time the person below me had their hair cut/done?
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years ago

the person below has a crush on a kitty here at TCS !
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I wouldn't say I have, but Molly Tipsy!

The person below me wears pyjamas to bed?
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the person below me in on some form of medication
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Yup! But only herbal/natural for the majority of the time!

The person below me gets water retention?
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Oh YEAH!! But only at certain times of the month...lol

The person below me has very curly hair?
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Far from it, straight as can be!

The person below me likes to eat crisps (chips)?
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More than anything else, as often as possible!!

The person below me has looooooong legs!?
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