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haven't counted in awhile

does the person below me like pizza
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Of course! who doesnt?

PBM has an MP3 player?
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the person below me has an ipod
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Of course - it completes my Apple!

The person below me has a camera phone?
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yep yep yep! I love it!

Ther person below me owns an original painting?
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I own tonnes, as I do them! Actually, yes, I have quite a few!

The person below me likes to visit art galleries?
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Yeah I like the fact they're quiet and they're great inspiration for my own paintings.

Ther person below me had breakfast today? Or is it late where you are?
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Not yet, but I will have some teacakes in a minute!

The person below me is cooking something from scratch for dinner?
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Hah! I wish! Can't cook for fudge, me. I try from time to time, but I don't think I fancy poisoning my boyfriend tonight. He's got a ceiling to paint

The person below me plays a musical instrument?
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Yup, the piano, recorder, tin and penny whistle, Ocharina....I can't think of the others!

The person below me does Yoga?
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Nope, I'm not bendy enough

The person below me has a hobby that others would consider "unusual"?
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I think that most people think that everything I do is unusual! I can't think of anything specific though, as I think it's 'normal'!

The person below me has an unusual habbit?
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I AM an unusual habit Dunno.... not something that I would call unusual.... I HAVE to make the bed in the morning... I HAVE to clean dishes up as soon as they're finished with... I absolutely MUST sleep with warm feet. Which tends to mean that I fold the duvet under my feet... but boyfriend has the same habit, so it doesn't seem that wierd.

Ther person below me likes to get out and about and do outdoor activities?
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Yes! I love being outdoors! I am really looking forward to the car shows that are coming up! I'll pack a picnic and spend the day looking at great cars!

The person below me likes to go on holiday to unusual destinations?
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yes, i love camping, fishing, snorkelling, swimming, bush walks, exploring and beach combing

oops, we must have posted at the same time and i love to travel to unusual places too

the person below me loves DIY projects?
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Decorating. I'm a one for decorating.

The person below me likes blueberries? (Sorry, I'm thinking with the stomach again)
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Yes! Blueberry muffins and Blueberry juice!

The person below me grows their own fruit and veg?
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i did try once but they died, i do grow my own herbs but nass ate them, i'll have to wait until i have a fenced off area to grow some more

the person below me loves to collect things.
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Silly Nassa! I bet her breath smelt nice though!

Yes! I collect everything!

The person below me has house plants?
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it smelt a lot better than when she raids the kitty litter

i had one house plant but it wilted

the person below me likes to dance?
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All the time! Whenever I get the chance! Boyfriend surprised me by showing me he can dance too

I've got a fig plant here... but I think it's not very well....

The person below me likes rollercoasters?
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Yes, they're good fun!

The person below me owns a family heir loom? (sp?)
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Hrmn... nope, not as far as I'm aware! I did have my nanny's wedding ring, but that got lost years and years ago. And for once it wasn't even my fault!

The person below me is the proud owner of a man who eats like a pig and snores like a blocked drain? Or is that just mine who does that.....
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Oh! I've got one of those too !!!!

PBM sweltering in the heat today?
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It's not very hot today - 20?C

Does the person below me iron their clothes?
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Only when I have to...

Has the PBM ever been kajaking?
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Has the PBM gone skinny dipping?
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Yes, only once.

Is the person below me a Meat eater or a Vegetarian?
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Meat, definitely!

Has the pbm ever been arrested?
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Nope, can't say that I have. I'm a good girl.

Has the PBM ever seen a shuttle launch first hand?
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