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You dambetcha I am the blackest and proud of it too...lol

The PBM is a parent of Human(I use the term broadly here) Children?
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Yes I have one male human child...he's 24 years old.

The person below me puts what flavor jelly on p-nut butter sandwiches?
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Strawberry of course...lol

The PBM likes Jazz?
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PBM eat meat?
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PBM an organized person?
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Not as much as I'd like to be

Besides cats (of course), what's the PBM's favorite animal?
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I'm kinda partial to Meerkats.

PBM likes her/his chicken wings how?
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drentched in honey bbq sauce!!! the messier the better... MMMMM

The PBM owns how many pink shirts?
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Person below me, have you ever had a manicure?
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one or twice.. though they hurt my cuticles.. owwie

PBM drank Orange Juice with B-fast this AM?
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PBM has been to a Bar/Bat Mitzvah ?
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Has the person below me ever been to a traditional Chinese wedding?
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Afraid not

The PBM is a Wiccan?
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No but I went to and Indian one! (India as opposed to Native American)

The PBM is sweating to death right now?
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Nope 103 outside 75 inside

PBM can sing? On Key?
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Well....depends on who you're talking to. PBM thinks yes, quite wonderfully. Family seem to think otherwise. They also say PBY doesn't ever remember the right words !

PBM have other pets besides cat?
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not yet. our little apartment couldn't handle the 2 great danes we plan to get

PBM likes country music?
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Used to, but still like old country

PBM ever seen a dolphin in real life? Where?
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Saw them swimming beside my ship on the way from CA to Washington.

Person below me likes black licorice?
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No I like the red stuff

PBM is a practical joker?
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Not at all.

The person below me loves hot weater!
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prefer is over being cold

PBM owns a frisbee?
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PBM likes to dip celery sticks in Peanut Butter?
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Can't stand celery... yucky!!!!!!

PBM talks to their kit's in baby talk?
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Yep, I sure do sometimes!

PBM have a nickname for their cat?
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Yes I do!! I have many actually!!

Kitty Baby
Jacky Joe
Joey Kitty
Kitty Joey (My dad for some reason says the one above backwards )
Mr. Spaz

Wouldn't surprise me if the poor thing gets all confused

PBM have a favorite food?
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Not really other than JUNK FOOD!!!

PBM have shoes on right now?
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Person below me wear contact or glasses?
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I wear glasses.

PBM ever had braces?
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Nope but i sure could use em

PMB have hair past shoulders?
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