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The person below me game.  

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Well...it's not really a game but I thought it would help be to get to know other members

I swiped this game from another board I am on . I think it's fun, I hope you all do as well.

It's real easy, I will post a question/statement and the next poster will answer it and then post their own. Got it? It's fun!

The person below me has to have a cup of coffee in the morning to get going?
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No. I usually don't drink coffee.

Does the person below me, eat breakfast?
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The person below me loves warm, sunny weather?
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\\/ Loves Dogs?
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Yes, but not as well as cats...

V is has a birthday this month?
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Should be working instead of being on TCS?
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Kinda I should be cleaning!

Person below me loves cats...I wonder what the answer is gonna be?
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Durrrr yeah!

Person below me likes to be outside in the garden, even in the rain
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oh yes, especially in the rain
does the person below me love snow?
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Only when i'm indoors!.

Is hungry!
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Nope, nerves getting the better of me!

V Likes the smell of freshly cut grass?
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Yes, love it!

Likes cheesy things?
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Likes to garden?
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never really did garden..so I don't know.

Likes to bake?
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Not really, but my hub does!

Eats Frosted Flakes?
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No, they taste nice but too much sugar

The person below me can drive?
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No I can't drive

The person below me can do great sommersaults on a trampoline!
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No, I'm afraid I can't.

Do you like to travel?
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I LOVE to travel

The person below me does some form of regular exercise??
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Tscha!! You've been to the Workout Support Thread!!!
Does the person below me watch the Simpsons?
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Nope, only on a rare occasion.

Does the person below me smoke?
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No way jose!

The person below me can ice skate?
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not lately.

The person below me ride a motorcycle?
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If I tried, I'd kill myself

Do you like beef stew?
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Mmmm I love beef stew

Are you a good swimmer?
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I'm a pretty good swimmer.

What's your favorite color?
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I like all shade of pink.

What's you favorite food treat.
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Oreo Cookies!

What is your favorite kind of music?
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I'm a country fan, but I have all kinds of dance music (from salsa to hip hop) programed into my radio.

What color is your hair/eyes?
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hair = dark brown, eyes = blue

The person below me enjoys hardcore gangster rap???
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