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Grapefruit Seed Extract...and other stuff

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I've been starting to use Grapefuit Seed extract yesterday, because of the complete failure of the pills I had to force down my kities' throats for a week...(never again!)
So far, the drops seem to work, especially since I've only got to give them 1 at a time, it doesn't seem to taste...well, lets hope THIS works, I much prefer that natural solution...
I have a question though...I've always been worried that my kittens don't drink enough, so I've been checking to litter box a lot to see if they pee enough...and...is it possible that they pee TOO much? Can over-peeing be a symptom of something, or is it a good sign that shows they drink a lot?
I've never seen cats go to pee so often and so much! The funny thing is, they always coordinate the time they go.;P
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I'm kind of bothered about the peeing...anyone got an imput?
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Hi there,

If you are giving them the GSE directly into the mouth, my understanding was that is a no-no - the bottle I have says it is to be diluted when human's use it, so I would do the same for the kitters (and do, I put about 10 drops in a large, large bowl of water).

Re the peeing...yes, if they really are peeing an excessive amount it *may* indicate diabetes or kidney failure. Your vet would be the one to consult, with a urinalysis, they can check for 1) signs of infection, to see if your cat has a bladder infection which also leads to frequency 2)look for glucose spilling into the urine 3) check for the specific gravity - to see if the urine is too dilute, which goes along with kidney failure.

I can't answer as to how much is too much in actual volume but if you feel you are seeing a change in what has been the norm for them, I would call your vet and see if they want to have them come in for an exam or have you bring in a urine sample.
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Yes giving it to them straight is a definite NO! The stuff will cause blisers or burns. You need to put several drops into their water or just drop 2 drops into their canned food and mix it up.

I am not quite sure why it seems you are so obsessive with their peeing? Were they ill at one time? How young of kittens are these and why are you using GSE? You need to use GSE wisely or not at all. I put some once full strength on a tooth that was bothering me, up on the gum, the next hour I was at the dentist with a purtrid discharge coming from the gum where the stuff was applied. I was sick for several days.
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I am very safe with it! Of course I wouldn't give them straight in the mouth!!!Good gosh!lol This thing is BITTER!!I put only two drops in their water bowl...maybe I should go with a bit more...also, 1 drop mixed well in their food, they are still quite small, Luna is barely 1 pound and Timine about 3...
Both of them have had diarrhea and it seems usual medication doesn't work, I'm pretty sure it's some kind of bacteria, since both of them have it, and it's not worms...
I doubt the peeing could be something like kidney failure...what are the odds of this happening at the same time to two different cats who are not sibblings?
Maybe I do worry for nothing...I just want them to be healthy...but they do get a lot to drink, since I've got to feed them rice and ground meat for a while, they get some beef juice in it too...
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I just wasn't sure from how you described it - and would rather be sure than not

I was just listing the two "major" things I know of that cause increased volume of urine - not that I thought it was what your cats have. But fwiw, two cats in the same house, unrelated, are usually fed the same way, and that, with age, can lead you to two kitties who develop crf - one of the most common problems of older kitties (I believe I recall that correctly).

Your guys are young though, so I really would not worry so much about something like crf

So your vet hasn't found a cause for the diarhea yet? Nothing more frustrating then trying to eliminate some parasites such as giardia or figure out if a food allergy is involved!
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Well...they seem to have stop peeing so much since I don't feed them so much beef juice...
And the Grapefruit Seed Extract seems to work miracles! But now I read that thread about it not being so good for animals...and I'm worried all over again...yeah, I'm a worrier, especially when it comes to my precious kitties!
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