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Delilah had stillborn.. Maybe she could adopt

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Kevin and i have talked about it and we are going to call around in the morning to see if we can find some orphaned kittens. I wanted to ask the experts here if yall think this will help her. She is healthy, her gums and tounge are pink, her eyes are clear, alert, active, and eating, drinking, and litter boxing like normal again. The vet while i was on the phone with him the other night when she was having problems, when i saw she had had a "manx" ( tail-less kitten). He said that a lot of "manx" cats have defects, so the kitten could have just had bad genes. I think i will call him in the morning as well to see what he thinks and if he knows of any kittens that need help.

The thing that got me was that she is being really protective of her birthing box here today. She attacked Luna for tipping it over ( Luna is a BIG tubby cat and was investigating she heard the box tip and she came running and was )As i was picking the box up and straightening it back up she gave me a nip.. well a light bite since she used all her teeth.

She has been hoping in and out of the box as if she is checking or looking for something in there. She also wants to be in my lap still and has been cleaning me off and on. She has also comandered Geo..she has been cleaning him every time i turn around today.. or she has had him around the neck trying to pull him towards her teets as if she is trying to get him to nurse. She also will move her belly right infront of his face.

Geo still has his apointment this week on friday to be checked out. If he ends up having cancer then we are going to have him put down. So we really do not want Delilah getting reattached like she is. I think it would just upset her even more to have that happen at this point.

What do yall think?
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get her vet checked and tested for felv and fiv before you offer her services. a complete check up especially after a difficult birth wouldnt go amiss.

speak to your vet about this. its really hard to give advice when you cant see the cat.

generally a mother cat adopting a kitten is far preferable than bottle feeding the kittens. not only do they ge her antibodies she can teach them how to be a cat far better than a human can.

hopefully a kitten expert will be along shortly to help answer this but i say speak to your vet before you decide anything.
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I know she does not have felv and fiv and she has her shots. I called the vet this morning before starting my phone calls. He thought that would be a great idea to help some needy kittens out, expecially when i described her attitude. He asked about how she was doing and said it sounds like she is doing great, but to bring her in with Geo for a double check. He also did not know of any kittens that needed assistance.

I called the shelter and an animal rescue place and left a message.. both of them finally got back with me tonight neither of them know of any kittens at all. The rescue had some bottle babies in foster homes that were almost weaned though, but she and i both agreed they were to old and secure where they were. I also called the Humane Society from the county i was living in before. I have yet to get a response back from them, so i will have to come up with another option.

My fiance has given me a budget of $20 to pick up any kittens that might become avalible, which means i can travel about an hour and a half to two hours away if need be.
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