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Our new kitten is home! Pics!! : )

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Well I brought Vinnie home last Thursday night and him and Monte are doing great!
Here are some pictures I took over the weekend!

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Awww, look at those gorgeous eyes!
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Okay, the kitty by himself is cute.
Kitty plus turtleneck: too much cuteness to handle!
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Your babies are so cute...I'm in love.
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Welcome to the family, precious Vinny!
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Welcome to TCS to Vinnie!!!!!! sooo cutie!!!
I figured Monte should be sooo happy Isn´t?
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i'm so glad they're getting along - he's a cutie, all right!
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They are so Darling
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Vinnie is a cutie pie, love the pics.
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I'm so excited for you!!! Holy cow, Vinnie is SOOOO cute!!! I am so happy that he and Monte are getting along. Please post more pics soon, or I might start having the shakes!!! haha!!!
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Love them
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Oh aren't they stunning! Welcome home babies.
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Congratulations with the new kitty!!!
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I just love the Sphynx breed. Vinny and Monte are beautiful. I love that second picture of the two of them.
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Oh look at those cutie pies!!
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Congrats, you got another handsome kitty. Welcome Vinny.
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