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When to spay

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When should I spay my new mommy? Also I'd like to 'fix' the babies before they go to their new home, how old to they have to be and does anyone know the approx. cost in US $.

Thank you
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I would make the appt. now and have your momma fixed once the babies are around 8 weeks of age. Please make sure she doesn't have any access to the outdoors until you have her spayed. Pediatric spaying/neutering can occur as early as 7 weeks of age or when the kittens are weaned...prices will vary depending on the location so I would suggest calling around and seeing if there are vets that are willing to spay/neuter your kittens and what the cost will be.

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Thank you TNR1, she is an indoor cat and only goes outside on a leash.
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My vet does not spay kittens till they are 6 months old but the SPCA wants them done by 4 months. I would get mama done as soon as possible. I had a friend gowing up who's cat had 3 litters in a row because they waited too long. It was a nightmare trying to find good homes for all thoes kittens. Fortunatley her litters were small. I used to think naming her Mama had something to do with it too!
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