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My little TV Addict

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:LOL: She sat (directly on her catnip ball, no less )staring at the TV for over 15 minutes :laughing:
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Ha ha ha cute! Was it a nature programme?!
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Nope, the news believe it or not I guess she wants to keep up with current events :laughing:
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she's a cutie! That's kiri isn't it?
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Oh that is sooooooo cute, she must be a very intelectual kitty, no Barney the Dino for her

Chee & Breeze
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That is SOOOOO adorable!!!!!!!!!!! OOH how cute!
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She looks so soft and plushy. I love the color of her fur.

Is she in love with the anchorman? Does he look or sound familiar? I've never had a cat watch tv at all, though one of them used to like it when the cursor moved on the computer screen.
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She is adorable! My little guy Simon likes the TV too, he'll put his front paws up on the tv stand and just stare at it. I figured it was the movements of the people on the tv that intrigues them so much!
So cute!
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Thats my little Kiri alright Shes a sweetie She was so painfully shy when I first got her, now when I'm on the computer she sits the desk and stares at me, waiting for some baby-talk and a scratch under the chin.
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Doesn't that just make your heart melt????
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Hard to believe she was an 'unadoptable' cat, huh? She was very shy and withdrawn and not as cute as her siblings (well, I beg to differ there!) so no one would take her. I'm so lucky to have a kind, animal-loving hubby who let me take her even though we already had four cats. He's my sweetie and Kiri is particularly fond of him. Maybe she knows it was ulimatly his decsion to bring her home??
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