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My mom is getting a bunch of love and attention right now. My questions for all of you is, how do you celebrate "Meowmy's Day" if you don't have any human kids?
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Rather than get depressed, I congratulated my mom and mother-in-law, and enjoyed Jamie's Sunday morning cuddles. He definitely considers me his mommy. Actually, I got a very sweet email from my 17-year-old nephew, thanking me for "mothering" him, which made me pretty teary-eyed.
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aww Lovely tricia!

teufel has been giving me lots of cuddles today

I sent my mum a nice fax made on word and she said she got teary eyed.
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Sometimes Rob or my Dad remember to help the cats with cards and/or gifts, but it's an iffy thing. More likely either both will remember or both will forget. Usually, we're up to our eyeballs in Mother's Day AND birthday for Rob's Mum (both today, so always at least close together) and the meowmy aspect gets forgotten. Not a big deal, cuz the kids are however cuddly they are going to be regardless of the day.

Dad was lamenting having forgotten and urging me to get myself a prezzie from the cats (on him). I told him it's the thought that counts. No mention from Rob, but the day isn't over....
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Last year I got a card from "the cats" This year I think with all the moving (we're living out of our suitcases at Darrell's mom's house) it got overlooked. But I know he means well.

A little while ago I told him since we will be making more money in Calgary I expect better presents from him. More spontaneous romantic acts and of better quality. I let him go all these years with little stuff cause we've always been so strapped... but no more excuses. I've ran into his work wearing a gorilla costume wrapped in Valentine garland making a total @$$ of myself for him.... You know? lol I was laughing when I told him so we'll see.
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A bunch of us girls at work have cats, so we wore carnations on our name tags. Our management was giving carnations to all the moms who came in to celebrate.
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My hubby helped the kitts sign a Meowmy's Day card and pick out a lovely arrangement of flowers.
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