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Tippy and Felicity's Baby Photos

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These are from some time ago - 1996 and 2001. Both are from the first day home from the shelter. Both were thought to be 12 weeks old when we got them.

First - Tippy. She was discovered at the bottom of a rubbish chute in a block of flats (apartments) and it wasn't clear if she'd ever seen a human before or how long it had been since she'd seen another cat. She was very frightened.

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They were adorable babies. They turned out to be beautiful girls.

Beth, I'm so thrilled that you saved these girls from such horrible fates. Its awesome they have a Meowmy who loves them, and a wonderful home and family!
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Next here's Felicity. She was found in a cardboard box by the side of a busy road - she was with her little brother a black-haired boy who was given the name Guinness. He was a very sweet little boy and had a new home before we left the building. When she came home she had some kind of stomach upset and needed a lot of care - that's why she looks a bit sorry for herself

But as you can see - she wasn't feeling so sorry for herself that she couldn't chase a ball

Well, those were our big girls as babies. Hope you enjoyed them.
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Sorry mods my brain has gone on holiday for the weekend - perhaps somebody would be kind enough to move this to the fur pictures forum where I should have put it in the first place . Thank you to whichever kind soul does this for me.
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Its okay Beth. I was going to say something..I'm sure I mod will come soon. Till then, loads of people will be looking at these beautiful pictures.
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Thank you Jenny for your lovely comments and being so kind - I feel so daft
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Awww, Tippy and Felicity were absolutly precious little babies! Thanks so much for sharing them, Beth!
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Awww.... Tippy was such a cutie. Looks like it didn't take long for her to settle in AND Felicity - That last photo is cracking me up!
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Thanks Linda.

Chris - Tippy settled in very quickly with us. In fact she took to daughter straight away - although because she was so nervous the shelter didn't want her to go to a home with children at first. But when daughter held her Tippy crawled up under her hair and went to sleep. So she came home with us.

But....if anyone else came into the house, she would hide until they'd gone.
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Awwww bless their little hearts for having such a horrible start in life but thank God they found you and the family Beth

Tippys eyes are huge aren't they! And poor Felicity sad little face in the first pic but that action shot of her was great!
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Oh my, Beth, these are fabulous! Precious, precious babies! Tippy, you sweet little girl! Your Mummy took you home and snuggled you up to feel safe and warm! Felicity, Mummy cuddled you and made you all better! Oh, you're both just so adorable! Look how gorgeous your itty bitty babies are now, Beth!
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Thanks guys. Tippy's eyes have now settled into a chubbier face as she's got older. She would say thank you for the compliment but she's too busy lying on my feet snoring at the moment

Stephanie - the girls thank you. I look at tubby Tippy now and she may have been itty bitty once, but she certainly isn't anymore. They are both such sweet girls though.
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Awwww, they are just so adorable!!!
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Oh my....they were just as incredibly precious when they were little as they are now!

Thank you for sharing Beth!
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Originally Posted by flisssweetpea
Sorry mods my brain has gone on holiday for the weekend - perhaps somebody would be kind enough to move this to the fur pictures forum where I should have put it in the first place . Thank you to whichever kind soul does this for me.
Done as asked
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Your girls are beautiful, love the pics.
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Tippy looks a lot like my Emma--who was also found in an alley hiding underneath a pile of garbage!
Two beautiful babies!
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WOW! It always amazes me to see pictures of kittens and then pictures of them as adult cats. I just have to say - considering the rough first few weeks of their lives, Tippy and Felicity have grown into what look VERY happy, VERY healthy, VERY BEAUTIFUL cats!! I'm so glad you shared these pictures, they were a blast to look at!
Bless your dear heart for taking those two precious babies in and helping them grow into the dashing cats that they are today!!! I just love them!
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Your furbabies didn't have a chance at life, until you came along & gave them the care & love they needed to thrive. They are now beautiful adult cats who give you so much love in return.
I wish that all homeless kittens were as fortunate as your babies..
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Bless your heart for taking them in.
The last super kitty in mid air got me cracking up real hard. Thanks for sharing!! It's great!!!! i'd LOVE to take a shot like that.
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Diane, Sam and Tina - thank you.

Christy Thank you so much for moving this.

Ollyextra - your Emma is such a lucky girl to have found you, just look at her now - what a happy kitty she is. Thank you for your kind thoughts.

Wenzee, Xocats and Hobbester - thank you - we feel very honoured that these two lovely girls chose to come to us. If it wasn't for the way we all took to each other immediately we wouldn't have come away with them. So this was as much about them placing their trust in us, as our decision to take them.
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Those pic´s are sooo cuties Beth!!! I like those energy of them how she jump over the Ball!!!
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your fur-babies' baby pix were adorable!
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