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Your favorite age in cats?

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I admit to having a large household, and 6 of mine are in the "just turned 2 or are about 2" category. I realized this morning that this is my favorite age in cats. They are beyond the rambunctiousness of kittenhood, are usually beyond any kittenhood illnesses, and are really begining to come into their own. Their true personality really shows thru at this time. It's not that I don't love them at any age, its just exciting to see their behavior at this time.

What is your favorite age in cats?
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Simba just turned two a couple of weeks ago. He's still pretty rambunctious, but that may be because he's a Bengal and he may never calm down.

I don't know if I have a favourite age for cats. For calmness, I guess you can't beat the Senior cat. Snoopy really mellowed out a lot, after he turned abot 12 or 13, and at that point I never had to worry about him getting into things, although he was always a pretty mellow cat.

Shane is 7, almost 8 and he is pretty well behaved, so I think 7 plus is a good age for a cat, not old yet, and still willing to play , but not looking for mischief.

SunLee at 3 is still pretty rambunctious.
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I don't think I have a "favorite age". Limerick just truned 1 a few weeks ago and he makes me laugh everyday.
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I just love the kitten stage when they are learning about their environment and starting to explore. I've had many a giggle at kittens who are scratching then get distracted. they're looking at something but the hind leg is still moving and then they notice that moving leg with a "what the heck is that?" look on their face.
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Originally Posted by eburgess
I don't think I have a "favorite age". Limerick just truned 1 a few weeks ago and he makes me laugh everyday.
Sophie seems to become more loving everyday, and Rosie is finally getting to be how she was with me before Sophie came along

Plus they still run about like loons!
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I don't know. I just don't know! Every age has its charms, though there's a lot to be said for the 2-ish time, when their personality is really showing, but they're still silly a lot of the time. Kind of the best of both worlds. Of course, then there are those cats like Fawn (4 today) who are, and always will be, perpetual kittens. I don't think she'll ever outgrow that.
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One is pretty much my favorite age. They have just become adults. They're young, and still act like kittens. Its just exciting to see them all grown up after all that kitten care.
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I can't really say I prefer a certain age, however, I know I prefer older cats compared to wee little kittens.

Two of mine came to me at 12 weeks of age, and they were wild things! Hammie especially. His "kittenhood" was like watching Conan the Barbarian, I mean he was WILD.

I like the mellow-ness of my older cats... I have two 12 yr old girls, a 13 yr old girl, a 14 yr old boy. And then my middle child Zorro, age 7, and Hammie the baby at age 3.

So instead of saying I like a certain age... I'll just say I prefer the senior cats!
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I love babies! About 3-4 weeks old, so you can handle them freely. Less than 9-10 weeks, when they are into everything-on the table and in the trash. The little babies are just so sweet.
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Personally, I like cats who have gotten past their kitten years (although kittens are very cute). Ivo at 4 1/2 has settled down but still loves to play. The same for my Dad's cat Pumpkin, who is 12 but can still act like a kitten.
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Hehe.I love kittens but they can be such a hassle! Middle age cats are my favorite. =^.~=
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Love them at any age but having my senior Joji whom I connect more than the others makes me think I like them a bit older. Joji is and acts like the "wise" teacher of the others and my "confidant".
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I still can't get past that brand new kitten stage - about 12 weeks when they're a bit stronger and starting to get a bit spazzy, and they have those attacks where they go berserk for 20 minutes and then fall asleep on your lap looking so adorable and sweet that you just want to eat them!!

But I love older cats, too - any age, in fact I think if I were to adopt another cat I'd probably get an adult cat. They have such interesting personalities the whole way through life that you're getting a big fantastic present every day just being with them
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