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Drink Driving....please read

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Just wanted to share this with you, I thought it was very appropriate for this time of year....

*Near to the door*
* he paused to stand*
*as he took his class ring*
* off her hand*
*all who were watching*
*did not speak*
* as a silent tear*
* ran down his cheek*
*and through his mind*
*the memories ran*
* of the moments they walked*
* and ran in the sand (hand and hand)*
* but now her eyes were so terribly cold*
*for he would never again*
* have her to hold*
*they watched in silence*
* as he bent near*
*and whispered the words..*....
*"I LOVE YOU" in her ear*
*he touched her face and started to cry*
* as he put on his ring and wanted to die*
*and just then the wind began to blow*
* as they lowered her casket*
* into the snow....*
*this is what happens*
* to man alive.....*
*when friends let friends....*
* drink and drive.*
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Such a sad poem. It really hit home with me as my husband and I recently lost a friend to a drinking and driving accident
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Such a sad poem & very touching, yet so very true!
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Oh Im so sorry Melissa, I didn't mean to bring that up for you!!
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Its ok Bod
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My secretary's daughter was killed by a drunk driver. The daughter was out delivering christmas presents to poor children when the drunk hit her head-on. We all miss her so much....she was a sweet and feisty young woman.

Then, just last week, on Thanksgiving day, the daughter of a very dear friend of my secretary was run over by a drunk driver. The daughter was in standing her front yard....the drunk ran over her in front of the daughter's three children and husband! She died and her children had to see it happen. Can you imaging the memories they will have to carry with them for the rest of their lives?!

Such a waste!
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OMG thats AWFUL!!
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that is such a sad story, my heart goes out to your secretary and her friend. Where is the justice in this world? Why do these things happen? It makes my heart heavy to think about.
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OMG! That's terrible...your secretary has truly been handed a heavy burden! I feel so terrible for her

Then that other poor young woman! That's so much to bear!

Take Care & Be Safe!

Love & Peace,
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About 2 1/2 years ago, a young high school senior from my town was killed when her car was hit head on by a drunk driver. The girl was on her way home from work, and she died in the medical helicopter that was rushing her to the hospital. The drunk driver drove on the wrong side of a busy four lane highway for a whole mile without ever realizing it, and he lived. This accident happened only six weeks before graduation and the girl's eighteenth birthday.
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I was fool enough to drive drunk when I was 21 and got into a serious accident...my fault..but thankfully no-one was hurt. Even more thankfully I learned from it and left the booze completely alone since.

But it still bothers me how our societies seem to grin at impaired driving as harmless fun..even as the death tolls rise. We imply to ourselves and our kids that you aren't a REAL man/woman unless you drink yourself into a stupor on a regular basis.

A few years back I had a small trucking company that I started off with a flatbed wrecker. I used to cover for a friend when his wrecker was down. One day we covered a REAL bad wreck involving a fatality and a drunk driver. Afterwards my friend,who was very upset,suggested we go to the tavern and relax. When he realized what he had said he just sat down and cried.

It only takes a second to change your life forever and maybe end someone elses.

Incidentally..it's told that such a charge will disappear off your record someday...forget that. The FBI,Immigration and RCMP share records. When crossing the Can/USA border that charge STILL shows as the only criminal charge on my record...33 years later.

And now they want to make Marijuana legal?? Another "aid" for drivers??
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