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Help my cat wont eat.  

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My cat has lost so much weight because he wont eat anything I try to give him and it's gotten to the point that he can't even move. When I hold him he is so limp that it almost feels like I'm carrying around a stuffed animal. I'm trying to get enough money to take him to the vet but without a job I'm finding it hard. Someone please help I can't just let him starve himself to death/
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How long has it been since he has eaten? If he is so emaciated to the point where he is limp and cannot walk his chances of survival even with a vet's help are slim to none. Cats have deliciate systems and cannot go more than a coouple of days without food.
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maybe he don't like the food...try some tuna or chicken just to see if he will nibble it. You need to get him to a vet, explain your money situation and they will work with you
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try putting some food in the microwave, it gives it a stronger smell so they are more likely to eat it.
also if you explain your situation to the vet im sure they will sort you out with a pay plan where maybe you could pay a little each week instead of paying it off in one go.
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Yes, most vets will work out a payment plan if its an emergency.. I have seen what happens to cats that don't eat, they become jaundace and then their liver and kidneys will start to fail.. the best thing for him is a vet. No matter what.
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The cat was euthanized last night, it was too far gone. Megan1985 other thread saying this was moved to "crossing the bridge".
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