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DT for Wednesday the 28th

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Good morning all or good afternoon for those of you acrossed the pond!

Today is pay day! YIPPEE! It never lasts long enough, but Janice will come along with the checks about 10AM and then life is good!
Having lunch out today with the girls - a pay day tradition.We are trying a buffet today -lots to pick from ! YUM!

Speaking of work, I better go and get ready. Don't want to be late today.

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Morning Deb!! Oooo sounds like you'll be having fun today!! (shopping spree planned yet?!)
Well today is my LAST day at work this week hoooray!!! We are travelling down to see my parents tomorrow which Im really looking forward to! All my sisters will be there and my Grandparents who I haven't seen for a while!! Lots of chocolate and silly behaviour no doubt! (Just what I need!! ) Can't wait to go home today, but I keep looking at the clock...tut tut.....
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Good morning Ladies ( and gents too ), just got up. Late today. My son is getting ready for school so I have to head out to the bus stop in a few minutes.
My husband is off today, the only day he has off all week long. So, I guess whatever we choose to do will be great since he'll be home with me!! I love when he is off,my day is always so much better.
Hope the rest of you also have a wonderful day.
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I hope everyone has a better day today...that's about the main thing on my mind.

Today should be interesting. I bring Opie to the vets for a check up...I know he's going to be so happy with his progress. What a champ my big boy is. My little ones are cold free and the Murphster is such a love. All the cats are like one big family now and it's so cool that Opie has not expressed an interest to go outside. He must get used to it...because as much as I would like for him to enjoy the beautiful days, I can't ever chance the remote possibility of that happening again.

Anyway, Cheers to all of you and have a great day.

Love & Peace,
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It is so COLD here! We were wearing shorts on Sunday while we mowed the lawn, and now it's only 32 degrees. Plus it's raiing and will probably turn to ice and snow later in the day. Yuck. That's Texas weather for you.

I'm on my way to Bible Study this morning; we'll see how many ladies can pull themselves out of their nice warm beds to get there today. Then I get to do laundry later today, oh how fun.

Tomorrow I'm driving to Austin with Adam (my son) to pick up Amy. She's been at Grandma and Pop Pop' house since Friday. It's her first time away from home without me or her dad, and she's doing great! I'm so proud of her! And I can't wait to see her.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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My last day at work before my holidays. I don't want to be here, but if I want to get pd, I have to. I hope everyone has a lovely day!
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Today is the day that soundscan comes out, which tells you how many albums were sold for the past week, and the breakdown of the top 200. There is a lot of good music out! And I'm so excited about that. Just looking at the soundscan, I feel proud and lucky to do what I do. I love being apart of all this, and Thank God that I am everyday.

Gotta get some traveling in before the end of the year. Next Wednesday I'm going to fly into Providence RI, to have lunch with a client. Not even going to spend the night. Just going to fly in, tour the radio station, shake hands, have lunch and come home. Right now I'm also looking into flying from RI to Portland Me, for dinner and then going home, but I'm not sure that is going to be feasible yet. I just really enjoying planning these things, and then getting out there and hanging out with the people that I talk to every week.

I'm feeling extremely blessed and happy today. So many things to be thankful for.

This morning I was sitting on the couch putting on my shoes, and I just sat for like 15 minutes watching my cats chase each other around the room, investigate the tree, come over to me for some love, and basically just hang out, and it was the most amazing thing to me. My cats were feral (I didn't know that when I got them) when I brought them home, and it took months to gain thier trust, so to watch them walk around the room without a care in the world made my heart feel good. It started my day off right

hey Deb, look for an email from me today!
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I live near Dawn, and it is a cold rainy sleeting kind of day. Hubby took the car to work because he thinks I cannot drive it in bad weather. Which absolutely blows my mind because I learned to drive in Boston so a little Texas ice doesn't scare me. The drivers do though! Since there is so little of this kind of weather, most drivers are not prepared or experienced for driving in it. But I'm amused by his concern.

It's a cleaning day. We are not moving this month after all so I don't have to pack any more (though it's like being in the military - we might move in 30 days so I still have to be ready). But father-in-law is coming in a week or so, so I have to get everything organized. I have no idea where we'll put the tree, looking around here. Gonna be a small one, I think! Actually, I have no idea where we'll be putting f-i-l, for that matter. But that's okay, it's good to have family visit.
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I hate to move, and I would hate having that hanging over my head. When my mother died, I had to move a bunch of times, and because of the circumstances, it was always a lonely, dismal feeling, not to mention a pain in the butt. I've been in my current place for over a year, and I don't want to go anywhere!

have fun putting your tree up and with your FIL!
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