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kitten biting

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I just got a new kitten and it is a wonderful friendly
feisty little thing. It is only 7 weeks old.
Anyway, it is very playful and is constantly biting and
grabbing me with its very sharp claws. It does NOT
do this in an agressive way, rather out of fun and play.
Problem is, it hurts and I don't want it to learn bad
behavior. I have been reprimanding it by a gentle "NO"
and grabbing it (gently) again by the scruff of the neck.
Problem is, I am scared I will make it afraid of me.
It also goes for my feet and toes(biting and
attacking them as well for fun!) and I dont
want to make it afraid of rubbing against me.

Please email me with any advice as I need to know what to
do ASAP!! Help!


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Hi Katy and welcome to the forums!
You're kitten is just being a kitten. This is his way of playing with you as if you're a littermate.

The best thing you can do is get him a playmate - another kitten his age. This should significantly reduce the scratch and bite marks on your arms. Two kittens are actually a lot easier to keep than one, as they keep each other company and play aggressively with each other rather than with you.

If you can't have a second kitten, then you'll have to provide the kitten with alternative playtime. Try playing with him using some fish rod like toy, that will let you plat together while keeping your hands at a distance. Try to pet him after a play session and a feeding, when he's relaxed and sleepy. Above all, have patience, he will outgrow this behavior in about a year or so
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Substitute your hand and fingers with a small stuffed animal. Or once the kitten starts biting, blow gently into the face and tell it firmly no. But the best thing would be to get it a companion kitty so they can rough and tumble together...
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