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advice needed

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a cat i am fostering had kittens last saturday they all gained weight well as there is only 3 of them but now one of them hasnt put weight on for 3 days now is this normal as i am getting a bit worried and thinking maybe i should give him some extra feeds myself any advice on this would really help thanks
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As a foster mom who just lost a kitten....I would supplement the kitten's feeding if it doesn't seem to be gaining weight.

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Is baby nursing along with all of the others? Has Mom in any way tried to push him aside and not care for him?
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yes he is feeding with the others she isnt pushing him away atall
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So long as baby is nursing well (that is to say, falling asleep on the nipple or moving off when he is full) then I don't think it is time to worry just yet. Some kittens just seem to grow and develop a little slower than the others in their litter.

Now, if you notice that baby hasn't gained weight by tomorrow at the latest - or if you notice anything else out of the ordinary such as lethargy, not nursing, limp or chilled - then go on in to your vet to have this kitten looked at.
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i weighed the kittens this morning i do it every two days although the one that hasnt been gaining i do every day he still hasnt put any weight on and now one of the others hasnt gained any since i last weighed him so just to be on the safe side there off to the vets at 12.30
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