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The Star of our Cat Colony

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The star of our cat colony was a white male -- Whitey. He was handsome, muscular, and took care of all the other cats. We called him the Border Patrol because he chased all the visiting Toms out of the garden our cats call home.

Whitey's colony had about 10 cats when he disappeared three weeks ago. He was very loved, especially by the man who feeds our cats, Jose. Whitey was born to a white mother cat that was abandoned when her owner had to go to a rest home. Jose adopted him as a kitten, but let him spend as much time as liked in the garden. He was Jose's special cat. He was everyone's special cat.

I'm writing this to say good-bye to Whitey. I have 98% given up on him returning. We love you Whitey and thank you for taking care of all our females before they were spayed. You were a wonderful cat and we wish you happiness in your new home. I wish I could pick you up once more, like I did the last time I saw you. I wish I could have protected you better, so you would still be here.

I miss you and I always will.
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Blessings to Whitey, and to you, Katie
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My condolences to Jose & you, Katie - such a loss to your cat colony as well as yourselves. I wish that you could have discovered what happened to Whitey - the not knowing can be such torment. You have written a beautiful tribute to Whitey - it makes me take the time to consider & appreciate each and every one of my own kitties, while I still have them. Prayers & hugs, Susan
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I'm sorry Whitey is gone. I know you, Jose and his colony will miss him. I hope you find comfort at this time and that he had a safe journey to the bridge.
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Dear Bobbie and Susan -

I love little Whitey and can't completely give up on hoping he'll come back, but I fear that is mostly wishful thinking.

Thank you for your prayers and good wishes.

I still miss my star. I didn't mention it before but Whitey had the same mother as Go Go. They were brother and sister.
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I am very sorry to hear about your Whitey. You say you havent completely given up and it hasnt been all that long. Cats can dissappear for weeks and then just show up. That happened to me once. I had a friend that lost their cat for many weeks and he was living with a family and then they saw his ad and he got him back.

Anyway I dont want to give you false hopes . My thoughts are with you and Whitey.He sounds like a sweetheart.
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I am so sorry to hear this. Whatever happens you, Jose and the colony are in my thoughts. Just remember you will see him again when you reach the bridge.
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Thank you Melinda, Kittylady and Kelly. Your kind words mean a lot to me. Jose and others are still all feeling the impact. We miss our star. Your words are comforting and you are very kind to send them.
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Dear Katie, I am sorry about Whitey, I, too, was hoping that he would show up. I am sending you cyber hugs my friend and a prayer that God gives you peace about him. If he is at the bridge now, he is free and happy and someday you WILL get to hold him again.
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I'm sorry to hear about Whitey, my thoughts and prayers are with you and Jose.
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Dear Carol and Tina

Thank you so much for your comforting words. It doesn't make sense, but I'm even having trouble coming to the cat site because it makes me cry when I think of Whitey and how much I miss him. Thank you for helping me.
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