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Double (no) Trouble?

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Both my girls, Cagney and Lily are scheduled to be spayed on Tuesday Dec. 4th. My question is, I thought it would be best to have them done at the same time, since they will both be recovering and probably be tranquil at the same time. My vet agrees. But 2 people here have said that 2 cats recovering might be a problem due to both being female, one the younger but definately Alpha and the other olderr but Mother of my 3 month old male?

I dont see how this might be a problem, and still think that both of them being "mellowed" at the same time is good for them as far as risk of injury during their recovery period...but maybe I'm overlooking something?

Any advice or story sharing is welcome.

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Hmmm, I don't really know Cleo, I wouldn't have thought it would be a problem either, I had two females both spayed at around the same time (not exactly but within a couple days of each other) and they were fine, I have also had males don together and they were fine.......I think they'll be ok, but I guess someone else might have some better info!!! Hope it works out ok though!! Let us know!
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No.. this won't be a problem. Both will be a bit groggy and will not feel good. The last of their worries will be fighting to know who is the Alpha. In 24 hours, they will be on their paws... and in 3 or 4 days they will be their usual self.

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I also had that done so many years ago and they were good as gold...you only have to have one worry (as a kitty mommy) rather than one worry one week and then expect that other one coming. For me, I was glad to have had them done together.

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