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Kitten has only purred once, is it shy? Or something else?

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I have an 8 week old male kitten that I have had almost two weeks. He loves to take naps in my lap, which he actually goes limp and is deep alseep when he does. He isn't that shy it seems to me, he comes when I call him and likes to be petted and picked up. Though I have only heard him purr two nights ago. I was giving him a treat and was petting him as he ate it and he purred for the first time. I have tried giving treats again but no purring. His sister purrs all the time when she sees me and likes to lick me and rub her face on me, though he has never done this. I thought maybe he was just one of those cats that never purr but since he has purred I wonder if he is just shy? Also would it be better to seperate the kittens for a few nights to let them bond with me seperately? Right now they sleep together, eat together, play together and the male might not feel like he has to bond to close to me since his sister is there. Just a thought.
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My Willow rarely meows or purrs. I've only heard her meow twice, in the span of 2 days a few weeks ago. I haven't heard her before or since. And I've never heard her purr either, though I might have felt her purring but it quit almost immediately after I'd touched her. Willow's just one of those quieter cats, and yours might be too though he's still young, so you never know
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Some cats just don't purr, nothing to be worried about.

I've never heard my George cat purr, and can only count a couple of meows out of him.
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I wouldn't separate them. That may just frustrate them. It's so important that they bond totally together. What I found with my new kittens was that the time they each had with me changed. First one was the snuggler, then later the other. For a few weeks one slept up close with me, then later the other. It changed a lot while they were younger until they discovered their own special places and types of luvins.

One of mine purrs like a lawnmower, the other is much quieter and I have to really listen for it. He's probably just like that and as he gets bigger and stronger will probably purr more...maybe, maybe not. I'm not sure, but it seems reasonable.
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Some cats just don't purr that often, some don't ever stop purring, some purr quietly, and my Emma purrs so loud I can practically hear her in the other room!
Don't worry about it! It's just part of his charming personality--every cat is different, just like us people!
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