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Hello, all! Just a quick update on Sandie, the Himmy from San Diego. She is really doing great! I had to take an unexpected road trip, so left her with Natalie,(my daughter who is 24 y.o. but has left brain damage) and my folks. Nat managed to convince Sandie to eat on her own, not only Fancy Feast, but raw egg yolk & Eukanuba Kitten kibble (I still have to rub the NutriCal on her lip [thanks for that tip,Pat&Alix!]; sometimes, she'll eat NutriCal in her FancyFeast[thank you for that one, Tammie!]). I asked Nat how she did it, and Nat said she explained to the cat that she (Nat) has to take medicines & get blood work done, too, and that sometimes it just has to be done, even by cats. Sandie obviously understood. Sandie is so playful now, she loves to run ahead of Nat, up & down the stairs, and bat at people's feet. Sandie had been peeing on my bed, but adding extra boxes around the house seems to have solved that problem. And Sandie did startle Joey, my manx, by ambushing him and now he hisses at her - he has no sense of humor. Anyway, I'm posting "found cat" ads in case her owners are still looking for her, although she's been on her own for months, if not longer. Thank you all for your great advice - it's working wonderfully! Hugs to you all, Susan