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new kitten tries to pee in corner

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I just got a new kitten. Today, she tried to pee in a corner by the front door. I had a cat which had a big problem with not using the litterbox--we had her put to sleep before we could determine the cause of her problem. She was put to sleep for another ailment, not because she wasn't using the box.

I am afraid the new cat might smell the old pee spots, although I used an odor cleaner from the pet store, and the spot is covered by plastic. New kitty is 2 1/2 months old. We also have an 8 month old cat who has not tried to pee where she shouldn't.

I did notice older kitty bothering new kitty while new kitty was on the box. Could this cause her to try to go somewhere else, or could she smell the old urine? I really like the cat, but my fiance does not want to deal with kitty peeing all over the place, and it doesn't thrill me either. Any ideas?
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I forgot to mention that we haven't found any actual pee spots outside of the litter box.
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I would say it's because she is still very young and confused about where her box is and where she should go. First thing I would do is keep taking her to the box every hour or so. Second is that I would add another litter box so the baby has another one to use if the 8mo old is bothering her. If she is still having a problem, I would confine her to a smaller room with her litter box and food. This will help to remind her of where to go.
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Sandies advice is very good, as it usually is!

My 3 month old Rudy used to pee and poop at the front door, even though he was born in this apartment.

I have 2 other female cats, and had 2 litterboxes, with no problems.

I added a 3rd box, showed Rudy how to use it, and that has become HIS box, he wont use any other, and the girls dont use his.(unless its an emergency)

There have been no accidents since the new box, and aside from me accidentaly closing Lily up in Rudy's space, the kids all have their territory, and everyone is happy...me included!

The new kid is probably just adjusting, and needs its own space to be comfortable...give it a little time and it will all be fine.
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I recently got a new kitten as well, he had the same problem but with poo and he always used the same corner, then I decided to put his box there and he always uses it and I have found no remnance of poo or pee anywhere since.
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