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We got our new kitten a week ago and our older cat is starting to get used to him. At first she would just walk away from him, but now she sort of runs at him and after him and sometimes appears to stalk him.

Should I be concerned about this or is it normal older cat behaviour towards kittens? He is just as bad, he chases her and tries to pounce on her, and then she'll chase him away and he'll hide under the sofa and come out and chase her again etc etc

I'm glad they are "getting on" - but are they getting on? They only get together under supervision so we are always watching them to make sure they are alright.

Is this behaviour normal play or should I be concerned? They never try and hurt each other although Jess will sometimes raise a paw to him and if he carries on she bops him on the head - I'm guessing that means "stop it".
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That's pretty quick to put them together, but if you haven't had them rolling together in a fight or going airborne into battle and no large vet bills you should be okay. They are playing with each other, one is learning how to hunt, and the other is showing her what happens when you hunt something larger than yourself!
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