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Any one have rodents?

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I was wondering. I have three rats. How do your cats react? Do you keep them seperated? If so, how?
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Jenny, I use to own pet rats - my rats used to be kept in a cage on my desk and the cats use to sniff them through the wire. When I had my rats out I kept an eye on them, but the cats use to love them!
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Aw, you don't have rats anymore?

My cats do the same thing. They love to watch them, and act like the cage is a TV!
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I had a rat when I was a teenager, but haven't had one with my cats... I don't think they'd leave it alone as they're proven mousers.
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I don't have rats, but I was thinking about adopting a pair before I ended up adopting a rabbit. The rat rescue woman said that she has two cats herself and that her cats are more afraid of the rats than anything. She said they like to cuddle and play, but if the rats move too much the cats freak out and run. I thought that was pretty cute!
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I had 4 rats once. 2 of them, Freddy & Nicky, went with my ex when we separated, and he still has them. The other 2, Barbie and Rain, passed away within months of each other. They were wonderful! They are very friendly and quite intelligent little animals. Mine all had completely different personalities. I miss my Barbie & Rain!!

I will not get any more rats though, as they are prone to Cancer. Watching both of my girls get sick and die was horrible. HORRIBLE!!
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I'm so sorry that had to happen. T_T

I let my rats in my room to see the rats sometimes, but otherwise Orei and Princess bug them to death.

Any other rodents, like mice, hamsters, or gerbils?
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We had a female rat called Minty, she was the dearest sweetest little animal I have ever had. She was such a honey and I was very surprised at how much I ended up liking her as she was brought for my son and he had to talk me into getting her. My cats would jump up to her cage and I covered her cage at night so that she wouldn't get scared.The cats wouldn't go near her if I had her out although I wouldn't leave her on the floor, she loved to run around the kitchen sink. She lived with us for 3 years then died, I guess from age.I wont get another one as that is not a long life and It is stressful and sad when they die.
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No pet rats here! Red Cat is a vicious hunter and has caught two outside near the house within the past month, though. Yuck! He eats them if I don't get them away from him first. Wants to supplement that diet, I guess, as I'm trying (unsuccessfully) to get him to lose weight.
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hm, i couldnt own a rat, my family would kill me.

Ive owned a Hamster awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. He was so cute but ran away!
Ive wanted chinchillas but they were so expensive and i dunno i dont think its fair to keep them in a cage.
We had a mouse for 2 hours, but it was for teufel

And bf wanted i think Gerbils? Not sure wht they are called but they cant be kept in metal cages because they eat metal
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Unfortunately Jenny, I don´t have......
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Thanks everyone!
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I no longer have rodents, but when I was in my teens and twenties, I had rats (smart!), gerbils, hamsters and mice. I'm rather partial to rats, but find that having them can be heartbreaking, since their lifespan is so short.
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