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one for the Siamese Cat lovers!

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Ok, I am Siamese Mad!
I have this poem on my wall

Poem To a Siam

I fell in love with your blue eyes,
That cold clear gaze of Ancient Skies,
Your lovely Grace, Your perfect Poise,
Your devilish, Seagull-haunted Noise,
I fell in love for the rest of my days,
With siamese Cats and their Heavenly ways

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Your words are full of love for your furbaby.
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I didnt write it, but i dont know who did! I was given it years ago, and remember it off by heart, I wish I know who wrote it though.
Its my fav poem
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Oh, isn't it so true. Siamese lover as well. I just think all kitties are wonderful but there's that special place in my heart for Siamese.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
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I have very soft spot for Siamese too. That is probably why I have a seal point named Emma (mom's baby), two blue points named Cassie and Claire (very opinionated girls) and my big boy, a flame point named Cue (all boy)!

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That is very lovely! Thanks for sharing! Your kitty is precious!!!
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It's a lovely little poem -- and so true. No Siamese in our life at the moment, but I suspect Rob would break the "three cat limit" if a Siamese came wanting a home -- not that I'd resist much, you understand!

I got to wondering about the poem's authorship, and googled the first line. Among others I got this hit...

Poem to a Siam

Thanks for sharing. I hadn't met it before.
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My first cat when I moved out on my own was a Siamese. I was lucky to have him from a 6 week old kitten until he was 17 years old. I miss my sweet Beau.
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Thank you for sharing the lovely poem, siamese are very special cats. :-)
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That was so very sweet, thank you for sharing it with us! I am also a Siamese lover and share my home and heart with two, a Blue Point male (that I think you may have met in another thread in the Fur Pictures forum under the subject header of "Blue Eyes") and a Seal Point female.

"Wherever I may roam,
Whatever are my needs,
My house is not a home,
Without my beloved Siamese" - gf, 2005
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