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Good things that happened to me today

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I hope everyone will join in and list a couple. Here are a few of mine

got the new flickerstick album that I've been dying to hear!

Came home the boyfriend had dinner cooked and ready to go

Buffys on!

anybody else have anything good happen?
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Good Thread Colby.
I took my kids to the library today and watched their faces light up with joy as they picked out videos and books.
I also got to spend some quality time w/ hubby, he got home early and we had fun just joking together, eating dinner, and playing with the kids.
Great Day.
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I managed to stay awake on 4 hours of sleep, and the stupid Bucs won.
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Opie's improving greatly and I had a great day at the gym.
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Work didn't go too bad today and my little fur babes are all over the livignroom. fur city!
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I got to spend some quality time with my mom, and things are getting easier at the gym (clothes are fitting better too )
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I got my Christmas cards doneyeah
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I had one of those horrible, stressed out, terrible, grumpy, head-achy, pain in the rear end days.

But then, I came home and Spawn ran up and purred and brushed against my legs as I was trying to walk in the door, and Geep the guinea pig purred her own hello, and T.J. the guinea pig hid under a pile of hay in her cage (but she's pretty new and still scared so I didn't feel bad), and the dog ran laps around the couch in a joyous ritual. It's always my furry kids that make me feel better after a day like I had today! Now I feel like I can face the world again tomorrow. (After a good night's sleep, of course!!!)
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My daughter went to bed without getting up 4 times and arguing with us about it.

Blackie came up from nowhere and climbed on me for a few minutes of love, then sat next to me. He likes attention but he's not a lap cat, more a shoulder cat actually.

Hubby is hanging out in the living room this evening instead of in the bedroom - though we are both online so it's not such a talk fest. Company is nice.

My insomnia is mildly better - went to bed about 2:45 last night instead of after 4.

So at least the last few hours have been pretty good, even if there was nothing outstanding about the rest of the day.
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I got some wonderful things in the mail today. A CD that is simply awesome "Charlotte Church" who has the voice of an angel. And a TOTALLY unexpected gift that made me . I have the most wonderful friends in the world
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My daughter is doing well at Grandma's house (in Austin, three hours away from me).

My son got a hair cut at a hair shop for the first time and did absolutely wonderful. He looks so grown up now.

My son and I made a cake together today from scratch.

Puffy is back to his usual active self after his neuter surgery yesterday.

Puffy climbed about 8 feet up into our 10 foot Christmas tree and no ornaments were broken when I pulled him out.
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I got my packaage from my Secret Saanta, and although I didnt open the actual gift, Rudy was ecstatic over the green peanut packaging! That was a gift in itself!That was enough to insspire me to go shopping, and I not only did my Secret Santa (which was very fun) but I also did aabout aa 3rd of my shopping...and I had a great time doing it!
I bought a few exxtras ffor my "special friends" sso I may need some adresses...

Oh, and Rudy, Lily, and Cagney all still smell like vinegar scented shampoo...I love you Mary Anne!
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I made the appointments for Lily and Cagney to get spayed, they ggo in on Tues. Dec 4th at 8:30a.m....both of them, that waay they can heal at the same time and they wont be antagonizing each other...now just how to keep Rudy from pestering them! :LOL:
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Well, today, my hubby met me for lunch YEY!! and its my last day at work this week cos I booked the rest of the week off!! another YEY! Oh and , though it didn'nt really happen "today" as such, we had a good nights sleep cos Ash finally decided to be quiet ALL NIGHT!! Yipee! (Ash is one of our new cats who was getting stressd at night-time and would not shut up!)
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I had a great dat at work yesterday.
Last night my shy little girl kitty, Pearl, jumped up on the bed to get petted and cuddled. She does it so seldom, it's a real treat for us.
I have today off and can actually get my house cleaned and laundry done!
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I got a pair of new comfy slippers I ordered in the mail today.

I got a letter telling me that I received a scholarship I applied for.
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Hey, congratulations on the scholarship! Oh, and I like your new Corrie ten Boom quote too.
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Hey, thanks on both counts, Sun
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