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Pancreatis & Diet

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My vet said low fat diet - Science Diet Lite or something similar. Authority (petsmart brand) has the same amount of fat as the SD. I've been mixing the 2 together. The lowest wet food out there is SD which my cat hates or Nutro Weight Management in the pouches.

My vet said CS lite at 11.5% fat dry matter is too much. Wellness Lite is even lower than SD or Authority but I have issues with garlic and my cat just did not act like herself while eating it. Also the clumps of litter in box were much larger while eating Wellness. My husband even commented this.

Any other suggestions?
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Innova Lite is 9.0%. I fed it to my cats for awhile and they seemed to enjoy it.
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Based on a slightly outdated list - the older Katkarma lists - which lists several values including fat content - on a dry matter analysis basis - these 3 would fit the bill. I did *not* look up to see if garlic is in any of the three, but other than that issue, all 3 are considered "natural" cat foods and should be a cut above in quality.

Nature's Recipe Optimum Senior, Precise Light Formula and Blue Buffalo Lite - all three were under 10%.

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