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Why is she doing this?

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We took the cat we had dumped on us in to be fixed yesterday. He missed two appointments we had made cause the vet couldnt do it that day *ugh* but anyways..

Since we brought him home, my Dutchy who has 3 week old kittens, has just gone Balistic. Twice last night she attacked him, and she managed to get out this morning from the bedroom and do it again! Why would she be doing this?

She is secure in the bedroom now, and LG is fine. Tired, and scared but ok. Bellie protected him this morning, so she took the brunt of whatever is making Dutchy angry....
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Whenever I take my cats to the vet, they get very stressed and when they get home they hiss, growl and chase each other. It's as if they don't know they are related. The first time this happened, it worried me...but I've come to realize that they are reacting to the stress (and whatever smells they picked up at the vet). Usually after a few days they calm back down and are very loving again to each other.

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Your spayed cat brought home new smells that the other cat isn't used to. Therefore you need to neutralize the smells by using vanilla extract (pure not imitation) just put it on all the cats in three places, under their chin, between their shoulders and on the base of their tail. The stuff is used sparingly several times a day and it will help the situation. Also if you have a comfort zone room diffuser by Farnum Pet, burn a couple of those as well-
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Thanks. Its actually a neture we brought home but Bellie is going in to be spayed next week, once Dutchy is not longer feeding her kittens she too will be going to be spayed. Vanilla thats good to know. Thanks I have some pure Vanilla and will put it on everyone. I dont have one of those difusers but i sure have been looking to buy one. I havent found them at petsmart looks like the catalogs is the way I will have to go with that. thanks. I feel better now.
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