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Very old pictures - childhood kitties

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Well, I connected the scanner last night and scanned these old photos I came across.

The first one is my first kitty as a child - his name was Whiskey and he came home to us as a kitten when I was 4. These were taken in 1976, he was about 5 years old then.

He was a lovely boy and lived until he was 12. Then we found out he had cancer and when he got really bad decided the kindest thing to do was to put him sleep . He was my childhood friend.

After a while - we got Sooty - another male. This was 1982. He was just a tiny kitten when we went on holiday. As my parents had their own touring caravan - Sooty came with us. Here he is on holiday in the Lake District.

And here he is a couple of months later in Dorset (6 months old)
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Great pictures. Sounds like you have such happy memories of your childhood pets. Thanks for sharing.
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oh wow! I just love those old pictures!!! What an adorable kitty! I love the eyes!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
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Oh what beautiful cats, Beth. I love looking at everyones childhood kitts!
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Thanks guys both kitties were special to me. Whiskey was my childhood friend though as I only lived at home until Sooty was 2 or 3.
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The pictures of your childhood kitties are adorable. Someday I will have to get mine out & share. We were fortunate to have been raised with loving animal companions.
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Sweet, nice pics
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Those are very cute kittens. I love the one with Sooty at the lake in the field of flowers.
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They were beautiful, I love the fifth pic.
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Awwww Beth their beauties

My parents had a Sooty as well and looked exactly like yours
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Lovely photos.
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Oh, Beth, these are wonderful! Your dear childhood friend is just gorgeous, so elegant! You must have missed your darling Whiskas so very much.Sooty is so precious! How wonderful that he came along with you and your family on holiday!My favorite is the one of him in the flowers, and boy is he proud of himself in his tree! He even seems to enjoy being on his leash! Thank you so much for sharing these!
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This is my first furbaby (we had lots of cats - but she was well and truly mine). Her name was suzie.
Suzie was born to a stray in my shed and sadly her siblings and mother all died. I use to walk to school which was at the end of my street, and Suzie would follow me and then wander back home.
Sadly one day she didnt make it back home, she was hit by a car - I found her as I walked home..

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Oh poor Suzie - she was such a beautiful kitty . You must have been devastated to find her like that. It sounds like you and Suzie were very close .

Stephanie, I remember that night when we got home from the Vet, I cried solidly the whole night. He was such a lovely boy. To this day I still remember his birthday - August 5th and give him a little birthday thought on that day.

Folks certainly made a fuss of Sooty on holiday - he was something of a novelty around the caravan sites I can tell you

Xocats, vi04 and vespacat - thank you for your lovely comments.

Chris - I love that photo of him in the flowers - my parents did too - they framed that one.

Tina - he certainly did fancy himself as some kind of panther sitting in that tree didn't he - it's a shame the wretched human on the other end of the lease blew the image for him

Aww Susan - these memories are so special aren't they
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Oh flisssweetpea - love your cats names! Felicity has to be my fav Thats my name!!
Oh and Adelaide - thats the name of the city im from!!

Very cool
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Aww thank you Felicity - fliss' full name is Felicity Faith, she came with the name Felicity from the RSPCA but it was such a pretty name we decided to keep it.

Adelaide is named after your city . The builder gave the styles of houses in our area Australian names - ours was called an Adelaide. So when Adelaide adopted us (she was a stray) we decided to give her the name of the house as this was where she chose to live.
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