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need help! mama cat had 5 kittens

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my cat age @ 1 yr started labor yesterday at 430 pm the first three kittens she delivered head first with no placenta i did not take my eyes off of her so around 10 pm she delivered #4 with placenta and then 2 min later a big mess of placentas im not sure if it was all three because she ate it i thought she was done but i woke to her scream at 11:49 pm and there was another baby she already had the umbilical cord severed and i thought she already ate the placenta but i awoke with her on my bed around 5:30 am and she was bleeding she doesnt want to eat or drink water she just lays with her healthy five babies if i get her up she drops blood is this normal its 8:45 am now please help
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Now, they do bleed some afterwards; is it drops or is it gushing blood?

My cat wasn't really interested in food or water for a while (might have been all the placentas - they have lots of protein). But after about 4 - 6 hours she did get hungry. Is your cat allowing the kittens to cuddle and nurse? Are the kittens sleeping and contented - or crying?
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all 5 of the kittens are nursing and seem content she is just dropping blood when she walks and she had alot of blood that i cleaned off of her this morning
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Please clarify for me, if you don't mind.....I'm feeling a bit dense this morning......you say that she's "dropping blood" when she walks.....is it just little drops of blood, or lots of blood? If its just a bit of blood, I wouldn't worry a lot, unless it keeps up for longer than a day, but if its a lot of blood, I'd take her to the vet, just to be sure, ok?
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I would talk to your vet and descibe the colour and amount of blood to him. Better to be safe than sorry.
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I'll defer to anyone else, but it sounds basically normal to me. Pretty much like a human, they do bleed afterward. I think my cat bled a bit for about a week. I'd say there were several dime-to-quarter-sized spots of blood on the bedding every day for about that long. I didn't clean up any blood right after the delivery, but she may have taken care of that herself. I just got the cat and I am pretty sure she had done this before because she acted like an old hand at it. Maybe yours just didn't have time to clean herself up?

Obviously, if there's frank bleeding that's something else.

I'll bet she gets hungry after she rests some!
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just a lil drops im going to keep an eye on her for a few hrs if she doesnt eat or drink i will take her to vet and get a clean out shot thankyou for all of your responses i wish i knew of a way to tell if she passed that last placenta
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i just looked at her vagina and it is still swollen and bloody is that normal its wet around there also with blood
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Originally Posted by fundi
i just looked at her vagina and it is still swollen and bloody is that normal its wet around there also with blood
Hmmm, been a long time, and honestly I don't remember.....
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First of all, because it doesn't sound like a normal birth, I would call your vet. I would tell him or her what happened, in what order and your concern now. Normal delivery is kitten, placenta, kitten, placenta, etc... You may not even have to bring her into the vet, but please talk to someone who encounters problems with delivery by being straight up with them on the phone and then do what they ask you to do. Bleeding (spotting) after delivery is normal, but again this was not a *normal* sounding birth.
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good morning everyone and thankyou for all your help i took chica to the vet after posting this thread she was dehydrated she had a fever of 103.3 and he beleived she had an uterine infection from not passing the placenta she was put on an iv to replenish fluid given antibiotics , oxytocin (clean out shot) which i repeated at 6 pm and she is now on oral antibiotics she seems to do better this morning my vet said if she is not better by monday she will have a hysterectomy overall she will be spayed in 3 wks this is what happens when you live on a farm and people just dump these precious angels thats how i came across her and her brother (who i already neutered)
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I am so thankful you got her to the vet. How are the kittens doing? Please keep them warm, without mom around they need warmth and food- please see www.kitten-rescue.com for assistance there-
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THank goodness she has been diagnosed and treated. Hopefully she will get better and will be able to look after the kittens as normal.
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hooray for dr dana its very nice to have a vet that cares soo much about animals well chica and her 5 kittens are doing great she is still on antibiotics she is nursing her babies and is very loving to them she did try to move them to another area so i made a better bed for her with more privacy she is liking that very much thankyou again for your help and God Bless you all
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