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Moody ~ we love you very much!

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Tomorrow, mom & I have decided to let Moody go. It has been five days since she was diagnosed with megaesophagus - it's been hard on her. She hasn't had a full stomach for the past week. It really breaks my heart to see her sad eyes - it tells us how unhappy she is. I'm sorry it had to end this way, knowing that she's only four weeks old, and hasn't had a chance in life.

I'm sure she'll cross the RB with a happy heart, knowing that she's finally free from her illness and romp happily with our Pikachu & Fafa.

Rest well little Moody. Till we meet again!
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That is so very sad - poor little Moody, but you know you are doing the right thing. It must be hard on you knowing this was coming - but remember Moody knows she is loved.
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RIP little one
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I'm sorry to hear about Moody!
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Jalapeno, I am so very very sorry to hear of this but yet I admire you in your courageous decision, which is beyond difficult. I have been where you are. From our family to yours, may she be peaceful and happy where she is going, and her love will come back to you in many forms.
(RIP Freddie 11/9/03 and SiSi, never forgotten )
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So sorry to hear about Moody. my thoughts and prayers are with you, and your mother.
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Thanks everyone. Moody has left us, but she'll always be in our hearts.
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I am so sorry to hear about the little one. My heart goes out to you and your family. RIP Moody
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Thank you for loving and caring for little Moody! You and your mother are truly guardian angels for all these cats. I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers tonight. Susan
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I am so sorry. RIP sweet little Moody.
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Oh, this is so sad! My heart is with you. The sweet baby will play with the other kitties at The bridge.
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I´m sooo sorry to heard this Steph... you has my broken heart with you today .... RIP sweet Moody Angel!
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Thank you for caring for this little kitten. You are a wonderful friend to cats in need. My prayers for little Moody.
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Aw, poor little baby! I am very sorry for your loss!
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Oh, I am so sad to hear this. At least the lil baby had YOU to help her through this. KNOW that she's happy now and running free, with no pain.
I am praying for you. It's always hard for us who are left behind with the memories of our sweet angels.
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Poor little sweetheart. I'm sorry she had to go so young. But remember -- you did everything you could for her, especially the BEST thing -- you filled her short life with your love.
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oh :'( R.I.P. Moody
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