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Fat Kitten

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Lucius has always been "round." The vet said he'd probably get to around 12 lbs at a year. He is just under that now and just turned 9 months. He has that big round belly with flabby hanging skin. He is active and is not a pig at all when he eats. I'm sure it's part body structure and being overweight. I have a 2nd kitten one month younger who is slim and growing nicely. Lucius was found close to death and was bottle fed (and round when he came to us) and his foster mommy saw him a few weeks ago at the vet (he had anal gland problems) and was ecstatic to see how he's grown. The vet never said he was fat though.

Another problem is that he has a tendency to softer stools and will get a dirty bottom from that. I can tell his poops from Cissa's.

I think it's time to switch to adult food. They are currently eating Royal Canin dry kitten food and various Nutro kitten wet foods (cans and pouches.) Neither are beggers and they do the rare treat.

Will the adult food harden up his stools since they have less fat in them?

My goal isn't to have him lose weight, but to keep him from getting bigger as he gets older. Does that sound reasonable?
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Some pics

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I wouldnt do anything , if he was fat the vet would have said something..

Try some extra play time with the chuncky one
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Has he been checked for parasites and disease? That would be my first call if he hasn't been checked over. You can run a fecal in to your vet for testing- also what are you feeding, how much, and how many times a day?
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Thanks for replying. Lucius was just given a fecal and a "routine" deworming about 4 weeks ago when he went in for his anal gland infection. He's never been 100% in the pooping department.

Both kitties have been eating Royal Canin 34 for kittens and splitting a small can of Nutro kitten food morning and evening, so ~1 full can each a day, though neither ate the full amount.

I'm going to stop the wet food for a bit, I don't think they'll miss it too terribly, and am adding a bit of the Royal Canin sensitive stomach formula to their food, just to see if his stools firm up.

If I don't see any changes in his stools, I'll take him to the vet again.

I just saw reference to "sterilization obesity." Does that have to do with the saggy belly both kitties may have? I can understand it on the female due to the surgery, but what is involved in a male neutering that would cause it? I'm guessing it's just hormone related in that situation.
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In my personal opinion, you need to start wondering if a cat is too big if they can't keep their backend cleaned properly. I have a big cat (14 lbs) but she has a very large frame and has no trouble keeping herself fully groomed.

If his frame has stopped growing, I'd say he is ready for the adult blend of whatever food you prefer.

As for the "stomach droop", Nano is spayed and she has a flap of skin that hangs down in that area. I don't have a good picture of it, through.

And there's always this chart:


Nano was also a near-death rescue and she has gone from a 1-2 up to a near 6 according to the above chart. So I'm just saying I sort of know your situation and share your opinion about how to handle it.
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I think the size and the droop isn't anything to worry about. We have a 20lb tabby that looks an aweful lot like yours and he can still jump 5-6 feet into the cat tree no problem. Last time at the vet, the vet didn't even mention his weight. He eats a little in the morn and night...I think this has to do with the type of cat and bone structure...he also has the spayed momma tummy droop..which is odd..but the vet says he is fine.
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FWIW, my cats had a good, firm stool on Nutro Natural Choice dry food. It might be worth a shot.
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I knew about "cleaning the backend." He's not that good at it. More that he's not a big groomer in the first place I think. My other kitty loves to groom. I wipe his backside if it's bothering me, which when he has soft stools is more obvious.

I started adding a bit of the Royal Canin for Sensitive Stomachs to their kitten food. I'm adding just a little at a time, not totally trying to switch them over yet, just trying to firm him up a bit. We'll see. Going without wet food totally backfired, which I guess is good. Now they each get 1/4 of a small can, morning and evening.....and every last bit is eaten up. I'm not keeping the dry food as full. They are learning to wait a bit for their food, or come asking for it.

We also are exercising more, they seem to jump like maniacs with that Cat Dancer toy, so that is a plus.

I looked at that size chart that someone posted. Lucius is definitely on the Large end, the 7 I think....but it's obvious it's his belly that's round, not his chest. He looks broad and round to me. My other one is lean and slim.

I'll just keep paying attention to the food.
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