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Spaghetti worms?

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Over the last few weeks, Persil has taken to bringing me earthworms. She hasn't yet graduated to the mice, lizards etc the others catch. I take them away and dispose of them, which I know upsets her. So, yesterday I made spaghetti and there was some left in a bowl on the counter. Persil suddenly jumped on the couch with a long strand of spaghetti in her mouth and dumped it on my lap. It was as if she was saying: see, I knew you'd get to like them eventually. Now you are even cooking them!
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How cute!! They definitely have a bit of an `I told you so' streak in them, don't they??
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LOL! Thst is so cute!
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lol thats soo cute
teufel will eat spaghetti with me
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Well done Persil! haha

Sometimes it gets so bad that Guin is almost trying to take the spag out of my mouth when I am eating it! That's when I have to take him out of the room. No cat will ever come between me and my spaghetti!
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Oh, Persil, you smart little girl!This is just adorable, Jenny!
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Awwww bless her! That must have confused her seeing you eating the "worms"
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I'm sure you'd much rather recieve spaghetti noodle "worms" than real ones. That's so cute.
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I thought this was going to be a thread about roundworms. But it was way more funny. I have never heard of such a thing-what a funny cat you have!
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What a perfect situation. Persil feels accomplished and you don't mind her catching "worms" and bringing her trophy to you. Fantastic
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Awww, that's too cute! Persil, what a smart girl you are!
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Funny! Yet I think Persil was also wondering why this worm wasn't wiggling or wriggling!
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Oh, Jenny!! You have a mighty worm hunter, too? That's my Fawn! In the winter, when we get a fair bit of rain, I'm for EVER finding worms drying up on the carpet in the family room. She does bring them upstairs, too, but not all of them. She really gets upset with me when I take the poor things back outside to the grass.
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