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Oh dear...woopsie

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Er, I just set fire to the kitchen at work. I put some toast in and the toaster chose today, of all days, when I've had the WORST week, to not pop up and so erupt into flames and set off ALL the smoke alarms in the hospital. The fire brigade came out and everything. Now our rooms are full of smoke and all the pregnant ladies are sitting here pretending not to notice!!!
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Oh my! I'm so sorry this happened. Please tell me this didn't interfear(sp?) with your job. Are you alright? Did anyone get hurt? *panics*
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No no, everyone's all right. We're all kind of laughing about it now, although it was scary at the time! Just our rooms smell horribly of burnt toast!! I joked with my boss that he couldn't `fire' me (lol) but he just thinks it's funny.
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But it's a great way to see all those sexy firemen though, huh?

On our floor, the microwave caught fire a few times when people nuked bananas. No, I don't know why. Some of the Filipino ladies on our unit used to do that, but now we actually have a rule that you cannot microwave bananas!
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That's so embarassing isn't it?? When I was a new bartender, I emptied an ashtray into the trash can and it still had a burning cig in it. Needless to say, the trash can caught fire. The bar manager had a fireman's helmet for people to wear when it happened (newbies did it a lot). Anyway, I had to work the rest of the night in the fireman's helmet

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Lol! That is funny. At least it was made into a joke at your work - it'd be awful to work in the kind of place where people took that kind of thing really seriously and made you feel terrible!
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Lol! Glad it was stopped before it got out of control!
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Oh dear, Sarah! Bet you felt like crawling under something..it wasn't me, I tell you!
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I was SO embarrassed someone from one of the suites about 50 metres up the corridor came in asking if it was us that was trying to burn down the building!!!!
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i remember when my dad set fire to the toaster in melb!

It was old, as he was cooking it just went up in flames haha
we were so lucky that my mum reacted in time and that the house didnt go on fire!
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Sorry hon, I had to laugh when I read this! Of course, I'm the one, who was melting wax shoe polish on an electric hot plate in the break room of our old store, and when I took the can off the plate dumped all the wax onto the still hot plate! I had flames shooting to the top of the upper cabinets !!!! I just grabbed the fire extinguisher and put it out.....then had to clean up the mess from the fire AND the fire extinguisher!
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hey, real quick, baking soda will put out a toast fire, if I remember correctly, just a tip for those prone to causing electric fires. :P

unplug the device, and dump baking soda over the device, it cleans up easily, puts out fires, and deoderizes. :P
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Oh, dear! Glad it wasn't any worse ! I had to laugh though when I read your thread title and what happened. I've never had a toaster blow on me, I guess it doesn't get used enough to wear out that way, but my most embarrasing "fire moment" was a winter evening a few years back when we had a fire in the fireplace, and some candles on the mantle. You know, a "snuggly" evening. At the time I had hair down almost to my waist and being very cold natured, backed up to warm my buns at the fireplace ... forgetting about the candles on the mantle ... quite a large lock of hair went "poof." There's nothing quite like the smell of burning hair . Hubby has never let me forget it!
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Wow! Good tip about the baking soda - particularly for the smell. It was very intense! I think I might get some for work just in case that ever happens again...lol.
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