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My Baby is missing her babies terribly...

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Help!!!I feel sooo bad!!
I'm a first time kitty mom so when my kitty went into "season" I had no idea thats what was happening to her,I THOUGHT SHE WAS TO YOUNG. So of course I soon became a grandma. Well it's 8 weeks later and as much as I truly loved all 5 babies that were born I realized that the time had come to allow the wonderful famlies that I had found for these bundels of joy to take them on to their homes......Sounds easy huh....WELL,its not!!!!!!!
Meisha is a wonderful mom and is very attached to her kittens. I just didn't realize that she would react the way
she has. After the first kitten left she spent 3 days straight crying and searching for her baby. I notice that she became even more vigalent over the remaining 4. Then on the fourth day the secound baby left with her new family. When Meisha realized that her baby was nowhere to be found she went into smother over-load!!! First she spent the entire day crying and searching...Now she does something she never did before and thats to constantly follow each kitten wherever it goes and if one of them is straying to far from her she will hystericly run after it and chase it back into my bedroom"this is where she now keeps them all together". Before she would let run and play freely and now she is constantly confining them to my bedroom.when they all start trying to run off at the same time she will run over to me and meow loudly and pitifuly till I gather them all up for her and place them and her in my bedroom and close the door,of course,so that they don't get out. I feel so bad!!! Shes constantly crying and looking for her other 2 babies. Will she ever get over this? Do other cats react this way. Will she always feel or remeber the loss?? I need to know
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if you wait until the babies are a little older, 12weeks if possible she might not miss them so much as they will be very independant by then and to be honest, annoying her!

my kitten is still suckling of his mummy at 9weeks old and is very much still her baby. though when we got the mother cat at 6weeks old her mother didnt care, didnt even miss her kittens.
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I agree--8 weeks is too young to leave..Wait at least 4 more weeks.
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Yes, I have had mama cats who acted the same way, and they do mourn for a long time - I've even had to retreive the kittens twice. With the first cat, she weaned them about 3mos. & was agreeable when they left, with the second cat, I kept 2 of her babies & adopted out the other 4. In my opinion, the kittens will do much better socially if they get to come back to mom, and if their new owners would consider adopting them in pairs, then all involved will have much brighter futures. To this day, I bless the adopting kitty-owners who allowed the babies to come back to mom; they proved to be deserving of their new cat and had a much better cat because of their selflessness. I do want to mention that it may be that because my mama-kitties showed up as pregnant strays, maybe they were extra possessive of their litters; I don't think so, I think they were just really good moms who found a safe person to live with when they kittened. And for future reference, cats can be safely spayed in the early stages of pregnancy; although I do feel each little life is precious, I
have carefully considered the options, and sometimes, esp. for the mama-kitty, made that very difficult decision. Please let us know how Meisha is doing during this difficult time!! I'll be waiting to read your next post! Susan
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