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kitten update

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My kittens will be a month old tomorrow and is doing very well. All 4 of them are moving about in the room very well. They go to the door, but won't go out. Mom cat don't like that they are moving about so much. She does stand guard all the time. She also don't want anyone touching them other me.

they are starting to play with each other playing alot.

So I am happy about it all. Getting very attached to them As soon as mom start whenning them, SPCA is going to spayed mom cat. They are also going to take the kittens and find a new home for them. The only reason why I have to do that is because it's 3 females and 1 male. So I can't have 4 cats running around here having litters.

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Hey Laptop..that's very responsible of you. I'm sure the SPCA will find them all really good homes.

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