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Security Alert: Re: E-mail Worm

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Geeks On Call® Security Alert

Problem: The spread of a new e-mail worm named “Sober.P†has reached epidemic proportions.

Solution: Do not open or run strange attachments sent to you in e-mails. Use trusted antivirus software that has been updated with the latest antivirus definitions, and install the latest patches and security updates for Windows.

May 4, 2005:

A new variant of the Sober e-mail worm that was detected on Monday, May 2, has spread so rapidly that it now accounts for approximately 77 percent of all viruses or worms sent via e-mail in the world.

Sober hides inside a “zip†file that is attached to e-mails. When this attachment is opened, Sober springs to life, infects the computer, harvests all of the e-mail addresses on that computer, then sends a copy of itself to those addresses.

Typically an e-mail carrying the Sober worm has one of the following subject lines:

• Re: Your Password
• Re: Registration Confirmation
• Re: Your email was blocked
• Re: mailing error
• Re: [blank]

Geeks On Call® strongly urges you not to open or run any attachments sent to you in an instant message or e-mail unless you are expecting to receive the attachments and unless you are 100% positive they are safe. If you are uncertain whether or not a friend or loved one intentionally sent you an attachment, simply call him/her or send an e-mail inquiry. The possibility exists that his/her computer is infected with a virus or worm that has sent copies of itself to each e-mail address found on the computer.

The best way to ensure the privacy of the files, credit card numbers, financial statements, and other sensitive data stored on your computer is to patch the holes in Windows by visiting the Windows Update website; use a trusted antivirus program and download the latest antivirus definitions; and use a software and/or hardware firewall to make your computer “invisible†to hackers while you use the Internet.

If you suspect your computer has been infected by a virus, worm, or spyware, you can have a certified Geeks On Call® technician visit your home or business by calling 1-800-905-GEEK.

For additional information about antivirus software and firewalls, please read the back issues of our customer newsletter, “Geek-Speak!†which can be found on our website: www.geeksoncall.com.

Copyright ©2005 Geeks On Call America, Inc.
Geeks On Call® franchises are independently owned and operated.

By geeks@geeksoncall.com
Geeks On Call® | 814 Kempsville Road, Suite 106 | Norfolk | VA | 23502
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No wonder - I keep getting those emails with those topic lines and thankfully my yahoo puts them in the spam box and I just delete them. But they are soooooo annoying!!!!
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We got that one at work. Me and one of the guys (he's actually the Network Administrator!) ended up with it on our computers. Now we both know that we shouldn't open attachments from addresses we don't recognise, but this virus makes the addresses it's sending from look legit! A few of the emails I was getting were from some of our suppliers (well, it appeared to be from them!). I went to the Symantec site and found the removal tool and passed that info onto him (and he's the "Tech guy" ). He did send an email around warning everyone, and as far as I know we were the only ones that got it.
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Yeah, I've been getting them since Tuesday. Didn't check my email yesterday and had about 85 on my home computer. Wednesday morning at work on the general email I had 326 of them, and over 10 MB. It was insane. If your email goes to a unique domain name, and especially if you get all addresses to that domain or have a common one like Admin@, webmaster@, mail@, etc. you've probably already gotten slammed with them.

Thank goodness they don't self-execute!
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