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OMG! Lovey is missing a tooth!

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Hi all,
Just noticed as I was just looking into Lovey's mouth that he is missing 1 or 2 little teeny teeth (you know the tiny teeny ones at the top between the fangs?)...

Not noticeable unless you look at it a bit...
What could have caused this?
I will ask the vet but am not due to take him in for a long while.
He obviously didn't notice it.

I guess its not a big deal and not teeth he really uses..but any ideas?
He was in at least 3 homes before me (he came to me 2 months ago and was about 1 3/4 old and I learned that he was once found as a stray by the Humane Society..and when they called the owners, they said.."oh we gave him away to so and so"..the HS then called those people and they said "oh WE gave him away to so and so"...So, his past is a mystery to me.
The woman I got him from was "taking care of him" for someone else and told me herself she isn't a cat person and that's why she wasn't keeping him.
She couldn't give me many details about his past.

Let me know if anyone knows..

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Those are the incisors, they are know big deal. they are usually the fist teeth to loosen up an fall out.
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Hi Petnurse!
Thanks! But Lovey is now almost 2 years old! This doesn't happen when they are full grown does it?
Thanks for your insight
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It can, or they could have been gone for quite a while now, some cats like some peopla have worse teeth than others. could have happened from poor nutrion when his mother was pregnant or when he was a kitten.
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thanks for that! At least I feel better knowing.
My poor lil baby...He undoubtedly did not have the best of worlds before getting here.
I was just worried and thinking the worst...that he had hit them on something or someone had "hit or kicked" them out....

Thanks again
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Those teeth are nothing really, he probably didn't even notice when he lost them.
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I had a similar panic like this when Guinness was a baby. One day, I found a tooth on the carpet. Then a few days later I found another one Of course I was paranoid that something was wrong with my baby, so I called my vet who told me that kittens lose their teeth in a similar way that humans do (ie: baby teeth fall out, so that adult teeth can come through). That put my mind at rest.

When he went to be fixed I asked the vet to check his teeth whilst he was asleep just to be sure all the new ones had come through okay etc and he said that Guin was fine, with a good set of teeth. I have kept the baby teeth that I found in a little box!
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I shouldnt worry too much, just keep an eye on him. It is probably due to duff food when a kit. My Mischa has lost one of her 'fangs' and it doesnt seem to bother her. The vet said it was okay so I dont worry.
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Thanks guys! My minds at rest now
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Awwww poor baby!

GILLY: When i heard they lose their baby teeth, i used to be on my hands an knees when Sophie was a kitten in the hope that i found one to put with her first whisker and claw sheath, but no luck
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alot of time they swallow their baby teeth when the lose them.
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If it matters, Nano doesn't have all of her teeth and she still manages to function just fine. Might not be ideal but is usually barely noticeable so the cat pretty much lives a normal life.
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