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I adopted a new Bunny!

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I found a bunny through petfinder.com and went to visit her yesterday and today. I decided to adopt her today and she's so cute. If I had my digital camera here I'd take a picture. She's probably five pounds, about 2-3 years old, and all gray with a white spot on her nose. She didn't have any hay or veggies in her cage at the shelter, which worried me, but she was scarfing down the cilantro and kale that I put in her cage when I took her home. She's also quite the hay eater! She's been sniffing the cats when they walk up to her cage. She's very fiesty and active and she doesn't mind being touched. She's already totally rearranged everything in her cage, but it doesn't look like she's been spayed or litter trained yet. One of the animal control officers named her Babs because she looks like Babs Bunny, from the Buggs Bunny cartoons. Anywho, I'm just excited and thought I would share.
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I love bunnies
i have one at my parents house she is so lovely and sooo bossy hehe
But mine has teeth problems as she is an inbred bunnie so she doesnt eat hay much, but she loves basil!
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oooo I love bunnies! We have lots of brush bunnies up here that run around all evening in the grass....Sasha loves them! How are your kitties reacting to it? And what is her name?
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I have also resucued or really a friend rescued a poor baby chicken that was bought as a easter present. She was delevering pizza to a state troopers house and seen the chicken in a cage way to small with out water and the water bottle that was used for was for small animals that can lick the water out like a hamspter or small birds like parrots. When I got the chick it was missing feathers and since then it gained weight like crazy. I went to clean its cage out which it never is kept in anymore, the poop was dired up about an inch thick on the cage floor. The Trooper refused to water the bird and gave it to her and she brought it to me. It now is happy and goes cage mad if left in a cage for a long time.

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Buniies congrats!!
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Bunnies make great pets. I have heard that they get along well with cats. You need to be a little careful with doggies. Have fun with your fuzzy bunny.
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Awww, congratulations!!! Bunnies are great!!!
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I bunnies, congrats! Can't wait to see pics!
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oh how cool!! Congrats!
Dont know if you have seen my thread in the fur pictures threads, of my bunnies. I rescue and rehome bunnies in my state, but alot of the times, I end up keeping them myself. I have 15 little babies at the moment (all albino with floppy ears) both their parents were rescue bunnies.
If you have any questions you can contact me if you like. Besides cats - I am bunny mad!!

I have lots of tips if you need them for house training - Ive learnt the hard way lol, i dont know how many phone lines ive had chewed through, or holes made in the carpet.

Good luck with your bunny!
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i have a bunny too. she's really old now, about 10. she's outlived her two nsiblings and her nephews.

its so nice to see someone re-homing a rabbit. they can be so neglected when their owners get bored of them
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