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He may have the job

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I have some wonderful news!

Robert may be getting a wonderful job at a USG company(production company). His father has worked there for 20 plus years( a supervisor) and He is helping him get in thanks to the very big screw up the Work Force Center did, They said you had to have 6+ months of exp. and wouldnt give him an application, but the USG said that was a load of bull when his dad asked them about it that day.

He will be getting a phone call from them this week. His father keeps checking on if they got the application. I believe he wil get this job.

This job pays every week possibly $10-$13 and hour with all benefits. I'm praying he gets this job since this is the best thing here.

Can you guys pray for him to get this job, this willl change our lives completely for the best and our babies too.

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I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!! I just found out that my hubby got the new job he was hoping for...I hope the luck holds out for you, too.
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I'll say a prayer for him to get the job. Keep us posted.
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Fingers crossed
my bf just got a great job that he really likes and he has just passed his test so he can stay there for a long time
I really hope your bf gets this job because you both deserve it
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yay!! fingers crossed here too!
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My best wishes for you Ashley!!!! .. don´t get nervous you can do it!!!
Sending ((((((Good Vibes))))))
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I've got my fingers crossed for you guys. I hope he gets the job, it sounds great.
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Fingers crossed!
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I got my fingers crossed, good luck to him.
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all the best wishes to ya !
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I hope he gets the job.
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How exciting! Fingers and paws crossed! Don't forget to keep us updated!
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Fingers crossed for Robert!
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