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personal introduction

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Hi there,

Wow this is one fancy forum; it's going to take me a while to a figure out all the bells and whistles on this site, so bear with me folks. I just got myself a new kitty named Sophie (although I should have called her Gemini given her twin personalities!). I rescued her from an SPCA shelter almost two months ago (she's going on 8 months old now but I don't have an exact birthdate for her because she was a stray) She's absolutely adorable...even when she's trying my patience at 3 am, but hey, I'm a new Mom so what can I say? I love her to pieces. Today she seems to be bringing up her first hairball and not having an easy go of it; any suggestions for natural and/or household remedies remedies?

Looking forward to getting to know other Cat lovers! Happy things to you all
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Welcome to the site I'd love to see pics of your furball I'm not sure about the hairball thing, my cats get them sometimes from grooming each other so much :tounge2: I know some Cat Food Companies make hairball formulas in dry food. I'm pretty sure Iams does, maybe you could try switching her to that kind of food? Is she a long haired kitty? My Loco has a massive amount of fur and is always getting hairballs. Good luck I hope to see you posting often :rainbow:
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Hi Melissa and family,

Wow, thanks! I didn't expect to get replies so soon; this is such a great site. I've done a lot of searching to find a good cat community on the web, so I'm glad I found this one.

I have some pictures of Little Miss Sophie scanned in, but I need to make them smaller in order to be able to post them here.

Shawna and Sophie

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Can't wait to see the little sweetie
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Hello and welcome, Shawna!

Can't wait to see the pictures of your kitty!!!
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Hi Shawna :daisy:
You have such a pretty name :flower: Glad to see a new member posting. If you need help posting pics you can pm or email me if you'd like.

Have fun.

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Welcome Shawna! Nice to meet you.
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Thanks everyone from both of us; stay tuned for photos of the Little Miss. Thanks for your patience with me!

Shawna and Sophie

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Welcome to the site!

:flower: :blubturq: :rainbow:
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Okay, fingers crossed the picture attachment of Sophie works this time!

Thanks so much all for such a warm and purrr-fect welcome:rainbow:
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Hi Shawna! Welcome to TCS, you will like it here! Sophie is so cute! My husband and I have 5 cats.

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Hi Shawna!! (love that name by the way....)What a gorgeous baby Sophie is!!! She looks a little "short legged" to me!! CUTE!!! (I have a "short legger" too - called Shandy, but we call her Stumps most of the time!!! ha ha ha)
As for the hairball thing, there is food available for that as has already been mentioned, other than that, I think I read on a post here before that is you put some fish oil in their food it helps!! I could be wrong of course but I think thats right!! Or you could nip to the vets and get something!! I use a paste called Katalax...which tastes meaty for them....
Anyway, nice to meet you and baby, hope to see you posting often!!
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Sophie is beautiful I love calicos!!
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welcome welcome, this is a great site and everyone is great and friendly, you`ll love it here

And Sophie is really gorgous, what fabulous colouring

Chee & Breeze
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Shawna, welcome!!

Nice to meet you! Your kitty is veeeery pretty!

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Hello Shawna! Welcome to this site. I love your cat!!! Simply beautiful. Glad you could join us!!!
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Sophie gratefully acknowledges all your kind compliments

She's not really a short-legger, just looks like one in the picture :LOL: I hope to set a webpage for her sometime; probably over my Christmas break from school (I hope)

bear with me while I get names straight, my brain is working overtime these days...

I can't wait until exams are over!
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