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"Precious Doe" identified

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I don't know how many people are familiar with this story. The body of a young girl was found 4 years ago and has remained unidentified, until today..

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I saw the news and I am relieved that there will be closure but still saddened that she died a horrible death, especially at the hands of family members.
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I saw that at lunch and was just sickened by what happened. I hope that woman didn't have any more children.
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Living in Kansas City at the time, this was the major news here for weeks. I am glad that this poor child was finally identified and hope that the killers get the punishment they deserve. Such a sad story!
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poor baby. how callous of her mother and how sad no one noticed her gone from the family for years.
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I can't understand how any mother could let anything happen to her child. What baffles me even more is how could she sit back while her "man" comitted such a horrible act and not stop it?

That poor baby, no matter how her mother treated her, you know that at that young tender age, her mother was everything to her. Can you imagine her fear and confussion as to why her mother would allow this to happen?

Oh, this just makes me sick!

I pray that she has a special angel to take care of her while Satan waits for her monsterous mother and step-father!
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These stories make me absolutely sick and livid as hell.
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What a sad and tragic end. I'm glad there is now "some" closure, but is there ever REALLY any closure with a case like this?
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Did y'all hear the mother of Erica has FIVE children? FIVE! And she's only 25.

Why do stupid people breed?

Why do unloving people breed?

Why do women who hate kids even HAVE the ability to breed? This dumb broad needs to have her uterus removed.

I know the stepfather is the one who killed the child (and wow, what a graphic manner) but my mind still boggles with the fact that as a MOTHER she just LET HIM do this. And the part about the hedge trimmers. Good Lord.

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i would kick the mother and the step fathers head, and if i didnt break their skull i would be even more cruel id hammer them in the head!
Not sure if kensas is in texas but i think they should be put on that death chair!
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