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Help needed in southern Indiana

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I don't know if anyone lives in the general area of Salem, Indiana, and would be able to help or give advice.

I am a member of another board, and one of the members there claims to be a "cat person". As in, she feeds feral cats in her neighbourhood, and has an unspecified number in her home. Since January, she has posted about 7 "mysterious" cat deaths, some are sick and she doesn't take them to the vet, because they seem to be doing fine, one was run over by the car in her garage, one they just found dead lying on the floor. And so on.

I am appalled, she doesn't spay or neuter, because, as she has explained, it costs a lot of money to do that, so she only does a few. Yet the colony appears to be breeding indiscriminantly.

Someone else from that board has sent an alert to the Salem SPCA. I just wondered if anyone here is in any position to give any more help or advice.
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I don't know if any of these clinics are close to her..but the Neuter Scooter only charges $20 for a feral cat.


What about feral cats?
The Neuter Scooter is also very involved in helping spread the word about humane alternatives to trapping and killing stray & feral (wild) cats. Many communities have adopted a TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) policy for feral cats, which, in conjunction with feral cat caretakers monitoring feral cats in managed colonies, is the most humane method of handling a community's feral cat problem. The Neuter Scooter offers a special program for feral cats. Cats/colonies meeting the program requirements can receive their spay/neuter surgery plus vaccinations for $20 per cat. Contact the Neuter Scooter for program requirements for feral cats.

If you are interested in finding out how your community can benefit from a feral cat program visit IndyFeral's website at www.indyferal.org.

I would also contact Indy Feral to find out if there are any resources they are aware of in that area.

I also just read this:

Home Visit Through a special arrangement with us, customers who have many cats can have a personal visit from the Neuter Scooter. As many of you well know, rounding up many cats is almost impossible. Not to mention expensive! These reasons often prevent many owners from having their cats spayed/neutered and vaccinated. If you have more than 20 cats, we bring our clinic right to your front door.

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Thanks a lot for the information. Once again, we will urge her to do something. However, she has ignored all of the advice so far, and just keeps on having cats breed, and then die "mysterious" deaths.

I would love to see someone intervene on behalf of these poor animals.

eta: I sent more specific information about this woman to Indy Feral. I would love to see if someone could check on this feral cat colony. If cats are dying at such an alarming rate, due to neglect, I would hope that she would welcome the advice of someone who would contact her. Or that she would be embarrased or shocked enough that she was "reported" that she might take a second look at the way she manages the colony.
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