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2 more sleep

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Only 2 more sleeps & I leave for vacation in Mexico!

I am sooooooooo excited! People think I should be afraid to fly but I'm not. I have a better chance being hit by a bus jay walking, then I do dying in a plane crash. I hope they have internet capabilities at the resort, otherwise I will be out of touch for a wk. If that is the case - talk to you on the other side1
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Have a great time, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
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Have a wonderful time! We'll miss you
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I have to fly for my job, and hey, it's out of my hands! And you're right the chances of getting in accident is very, very slim/

Have a blast!
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Hi'ya...I just wanted to wish you a very happy vacation...I don't know if you've been there before, but I have had a great time each and every visit. Thier music and colors are sooo bright and happy. I fly to Cali about every three months or so; it's great that you have faith Be happy and party down. Don't forget to take pics too!

Love & Peace,
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YAY Adymarie!

Have a wonderful time!
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Enjoy your trip and make sure you bring us ALL back a souvenier!
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Safe travel and lots of fun!
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Have a great time!!! Everyone I know whos been to Mexico have LOVED it - so enjoy yourself!!! (no mis-behaving!!! heh heh heh) Come back nice and tanned and with lots of pics!!!
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What part are you going? Be careful of the natives. They can be extrmely rude to tourists. If you go to any of the beach resorts, have seafood. Mexican seafood is super. And try a drink called Agua de Orchata. It is a rice drink and very delicious!
Cat, what part of Mexico have you been to? Next time, try Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta.
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I hope you have an awesome time! You can think of me shivering wet and cold in west coast winter and raise a margarita for me!
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