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Norwegian Forest cat

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Hi all!

I just got a Norwegian Forest cat from a friend giving him away... can anyone tell me how common they are? I'm also curious if anyone knows what they usually cost to buy, my sister loves her and is interested in finding another one of her breed.

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Hi, I breed Norwegians They are wonderful cats. I currently have two available. They are ten weeks old and I'm selling them for 700.00 each. They are CFA registered. Very loving playful cats. One is a male black and white and the other is a female silver tabby and white. I'm really not sure how much other breeders charge. Most people go by the quality of the kittens. I have one male that I just sold for 800.00. They are not a real common breed in the U.S. Even though they have been around for quite a few years. I just don't think people know what nice cats they are. There really isn't as many breeders of them as there is of other cats. Such as... Persians and ragdolls and siamese. Even the Maine Coon is more common. These cats originate from Norway and it is said they were used on the viking ships to gaurd them and catch the rats. They are very intelligent cats. I will post a picture for you in my next post. My photo bucket isn't working. You can also see them if you go to my website. http://www.geocities.com/sherry_wellines/
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Dax is a half breed Norwegian forest cat - She just loves tree climbing, any sort of climbing!! She is always dashing up trees like a squirrel. They love to be high, they love to play and hunt toys.

Very beautiful, affectionate cats too. Dax can be a bit more like a dog than a cat sometimes - she always tries to follow me to the store - She took easily too a leash and harness as well!
Goodluck with your new kitty
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I also noticed that my Norwegians act alot like dogs. They have great personalitys.
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Originally Posted by javajane
I also noticed that my Norwegians act alot like dogs. They have great personalitys.
They sure do!
Then again, I'm biased

My beautiful halfbreed...
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