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Why do cats do this?

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Hi, I have an adorable short hair, male cat. He is 1 1/2 years old. We got him from the humane society about one year ago. I suppose all cats have their "quirks". Can anyone tell me why he would "squash" his lower body onto the floor when someone pets his back near his tail? Most cats seem to enjoy this and arch their backs toward you. "Ed" looks like he is carring a brick on his back. It is quite funny to see. But we don't do that often because I assume he does not like it. Are they ticklish? Just wondering. Thank you! Michelle
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Hi Michelle, and welcome to The Cat Site.

Sateycat does this to me occasionally when he doesn't want to be petted. It's sort of like he wants to get away from me so he ducks under my hand.

I think sometimes he does it when he's moddy, and soemtimes he does it's because his attention is elsewhere (like when he's walking determinidely toward something and I try and pet him).
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When my Callie has itchy skin, she will do this because petting her irritates the skin. Perhaps your kitty has sensitive skin as well.
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My cat Lexi loves when we itch her right at the butt/tail.. she "squashes" her butt down and trys to walk away as we do it.. as soon as we stop, she comes running back for more. At first I didn't think she liked it because she "squashed" down her butt.. but now I think she loves it because she comes back for more.. not sure why the "squash" but she doesn't seem to mind.
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